Thoughts from the pavement…

*This may or may not be a intermittent series from the constant blog ideas that always roll around in my head when I’m running.  Enjoy!

This morning I had a 7 mile run awaiting me.  When the alarm when off at 4:20, I knew I’d snooze a couple times, but it was 5 before I actually got out of bed and got ready.

I checked my phone for the temperature as I always do, but sometimes at 5 am, your mind doesn’t always connect with  your actions that at 46 degrees, you did not need to wear long pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt a fleece vest and a hat on your run.

Once I was out there, I was miserable, but could not really connect what was going on.  I wanted to stop my run.  I thought about quitting running altogether (gasp!).  I was parched.  My pace was not good.  On.  And on.  And on.  The mental beating continued.

Finally, I realized (although I knew I was hot) that perhaps my temperature had something to do with my attitude.  I had to shed my layers.  My route takes me by our house a couple of times, but I could. not. wait. until then to get rid of the heat.  I took the vest off, held it in my hands until I got back to the house.  Sweet relief!  I had no idea just how much it was weighing me down, making me sweat and completely ruining my mood.

It really reminded me of just how often I get bogged down by the layers of life and get caught up in things I think I need or should do and all they do is complicate matters.

What layers might you need to shed to have that sweet relief?  Don’t wait until you get to your “house”–do it now and find that peace in your life that is awaiting you!


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