Mishmash Monday

Happy President’s Day! I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day whether you are enjoying the day off (hello, teachers, bankers and Post Office workers), or staring at your computer screen and interacting with your co-workers.

Speaking of Presidents, the beau and I have really been enjoying the HBO John Adams Miniseries thanks to the Georgetown Library.  It’s a really neat look at history through these 7 episodes.  And Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney really knock it out of the park.  We have thoroughly enjoyed adding this to our weekend watching collection.

Speaking of Holidays, we enjoyed a loverly Valentine’s last Tuesday.  I know many folks detest this talking of this holiday.  I love love myself, but do agree that we need to celebrate love 365 days a year (or 366 in this year of leap 2012).  So, we celebrate the holiday, but on a very small scale and do little things to make it memorable.  We always incorporate heart shaped pancakes into our breakfast, which is quite the feat as pancakes rarely make it on our menu at all, much less on a weekday.

We celebrate with a $5 gift budget which means we have to get really creative with those gifts.  I was super excited after being inspired by this pin (and fortunate to have librarians as friends) to give this to Lewie as his card.  His gift was this little “spark” of love as well as the ingredients for chocolate covered bacon.  He was very pleased.

We're a Good Match!

Lewie has been a good listener lately as he gifted me with a garlic press.  The week prior, I was mincing garlic for every. single. recipe. on our menu that week and kept muttering under my breath “man, it sure would be nice to have a garlic press.”  Okay.  So it wasn’t so under my breath.  I was very surprised to get this little treasure.  So romantic.  Okay–garlicky foods–now that’s romantic.  Hehe…  I also got some favorite little chocolates and another tube of Burt’s Bees.  Okay.  I’m totally addicted.

After our lovely little dinner at home (more here), we walked downtown to get some drinks and dessert at our favorite little spot.  We love being in a town that we can just walk a few blocks and have great food, drinks and conversation with the restaurant owner and hear of how his bride’s valentine to him included famous words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  We enjoyed some new Spanish wine and shared the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and the Chocolate Pie at the recommendation of our new friend, Frank Clay.  They were both delicious, but quite the venture from our typical Paleo treats we enjoy.

Finally, speaking of treats, I entered my Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Muffins in a muffin contest sponsored by the Georgetown Main Street Program last Thursday at my favorite little downtown coffee shop.  I was shocked and excited when they called to tell me that I had won!  Now my muffins will be featured on the menu the third Thursday of each Month!  I’m already counting down to March 15th!

My winning muffins with the judges!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quite Presidential, romantic, treat-filled post!  Here to more Mishmash Mondays–make it a great one!



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