My dear friend Kelly Thorne Gore is the founder of iBloom.  Their goal is to help encourage and empower every woman in the world to live a life they love.  Her team just released a book, iChoose2 to love my life and the Beau and I have decided to go through this experience together.  As I mentioned with my goals and for those of you who know me, sitting down each year to think of things I want to improve upon just seems natural.  I will say however, that often times, I come back to review the previous year’s goals and see so many that have not changed.

Flossing more.  That’s the one I always put down, and rarely see change. It’s changed this year with the addition of a water flosser.  At the recommendation of my dentist.  I have to have a health professional intervene to see change apparently.

With the iChoose2 journey however, things are framed a little differently.  Where do you want to see yourself in a year?  On December 31st, 2012, what accomplishments or milestones do you want to be celebrating?

The trick is that you must use futuristic and positive language for these–no “I’ll try to…” or “If possible…” That just doesn’t cut it with this challenge.  Now life happens and a lot of things that you may be thinking about that you’d want to be different have outside sources that you do not control influencing them.  Here’s my little secret–God is ultimately in control!  I didn’t have to look too far beyond the circumstances of life as of late and my goals to come up with mine pretty easily.

  1. Stronger–I will have ran a 1/2 marathon.  I will have completed the Bourbon Chase.  I will be at the weight and size that is healthy for my age, height and activity level.  I will feel amazing!
  2. House Finished–All the upstairs rooms will be dry-walled and painted.  The floors upstairs will be sanded and finished.  We will finish all the ceilings.  The Guest Room will serve as a guest room (and hopefully host some!) and our multipurpose room will fulfill it’s job as a reading room, office and craft room.
  3. Family Together–My mom will be living in Kentucky.

What are things do YOU want to be celebrating when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2012?



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