Weekly Roundup-January 20

Welcome to the new weekly roundup to be posted on Fridays.  Will give you a bit of a glimpse into what’s been going on this week in our life.  Enjoy!


  • Physical– Things are going well in this arena.  I was really disappointed that I had some major plantar fasciitis earlier this week that knocked me on my tail for my 2 mi run.  I want to make sure I’m staying committed, so the thought of not running was discouraging (especially after just writing that post!), but I came back yesterday with a 5 miler!
  • Spiritual– Really loving a new accountability experience with a friend that has just really knocked things up a level for me.  It’s good (and bad) to know there’s someone out there who will call you out about things you’ve committed to do.  I’m also finding my longer runs as a great prayer time, which is an area that I’ve always wanted to grow.
  • Creative– This blog has been a creative outlet for me and also becoming more involved with our vocal team at church–I love the arts and it has always been the area for me that shines.  I’m looking forward to some crafting on Sunday—have a few projects that are half way done that I’d like to check off my list!
  • Home– Work day for the month planned for tomorrow.  I want to work on the trim some (we have a rule that until the downstairs trim is painted we won’t have any guests over.  We have our first friends scheduled in early February! eek!) I also want to get some things knocked out on my Nook!  I’m SOOO ready to have this area finished.
  • Personal-I have done well with “my 3 things” this week (more on this soon!) and just some of the overall goals of moderation that I wanted to see in my life.  There are lots of things in life that we can become “enslaved” to.  For me, that comes out in how many cups of coffee I drink every day, how connected I am to my phone, being connected to friends via texts and emails and never hearing their voice on the phone or carving out time to see them.  I’m baby-stepping this area, but so far, so good!

Mom Update:  Things are definitely moving forward!  We came up with a list this weekend of where she wants all her furniture to go and it looks like she’ll be moving to a long-term care facility in Virginia in the next week!  God is GOOD!

Yummy Recipes! I was adventurous last week and made a butternut squash sweet potato soup.  It was SOOO good!  I’m going to try it again tomorrow in the crockpot and make it a little thicker.  You can’t go wrong with anything that calls for bacon crumbled on top!   I had two recipes on dock this week from Paleo Comfort Foods, both with a little variation.  We made their Farmer’s Pie in new fun dishware that was a surprise Christmas gift when we visited mom as well as their Dirty Rice….both, oh so good!

Things I’m learning:  2 things this week that occurred to me both while running yesterday..  1)Persistence:. In my run, I thought a lot about how frustrated I was that I had missed the 2 miler earlier in the week, but yet, I was not out of the game altogether.  I still did a 5 mile run in my same time as I’ve done the last 3. Yes, persistence is important, but so is taking care of yourself.  Sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves to get “the list” completed when in all actuality, sometimes we just need to slow down and rest. 2) the familiar.  I can run all day, but nothing is better than getting to that one certain street that the Beau and I did most of our training for our 5K’s on.  We know the road, traffic patterns, and how fast (most) folks drive.  We know that if we run in the mornings, we can pretty much run on the street, but in the evenings, we must be on the sidewalk. I have to remember how important and safe the familiar feels.  My mom is getting ready to leave her familiar, so I must be prepared for helping her in that transition.

Interesting quote: 2 that I’ve found in recent weeks.  From Ann Voskamp”s blog: “If it matters, you make the time. If it doesn’t, you make excuses.”  “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”  — Karen Lamb

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