Ch Ch Ch Changes

So many of you know, are intimately involved with or have been joining the Beau and I as we have fervently been praying for Mom over the past year and a half.

Quick back-story–in May of 2010, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Vasculitis on top of her Rheumatoid Arthritis and that snowballed into many, many other health issues including a blood clot that went to her lungs and diabetes.  She has been in and out of hospitals and rehab since May 2010 and was encouraged by her primary care physician that living on her own is not safe. 

Just go ahead and click play as you read the rest of this post…and I dare you not to smile.  🙂

So, we are excited to share some good news!  It looks like Mom could be joining us in Kentucky at a facility in our town in the next 3-6 months!  This is a huge blessing as we actually have a timeline to work with. She would be located just down the street from our house and it will be SOOO nice to have her closer.  I have been very impressed with the personnel at the facility and the facility itself.  In the meantime, she is now considered a long-term care patient at the rehab facility  in Virginia and needs to move to Salem to a facility that has long-term care beds.  We’ve been discussing this option and when is the best time for this move to occur, but it is really also an answer to prayer as she would be much closer to her sister and Mom while we wait for a bed here in Kentucky to open up.

So, in the meantime, we are looking at moving Mom out of her apartment, cleaning and purging, figuring out what items need to be kept and stored, where to store them, what items need to be donated, etc.  We’ll be traveling there in the coming weeks to help with this process.  Since we know that she will be coming here fairly soon, we can take our time throughout this process.

A few things we would love to have you join with us in prayer about are:

  • The moving process–quite overwhelming as mom is in rehab and we live here.  Prayers for success and productivity when we travel there soon.  Also for discernment on when to put in the 30 day notice on her apartment.
  • Mom’s anxiety–This is a huge change for her and after a year and a half of being in limbo and on lots of different medications and treatments, her nerves are shot, so thinking of moving is really doing a number on her.  Please pray for peace to invade her heart and mind and that she will be able to relinquish trust that God has every little concern she has in the palm of his hands!
  • The facility in Virginia she will be moving to temporarily–for roommates, nursing staff, doctors, etc.
  • The facility in Kentucky–she will have to find a new Primary Care Physician here, as well as adjusting to living in a new environment.  Although it will be wonderful to be closer to Lewie and I, she will undoubtedly miss her sisters, brother and Mom in VA.
  • Continued prayers for healing that she will one day be able to live independently again.

Thanks for your continued support as we have navigated this journey.



3 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. This is a HUGE answer to our prayers! Know that I’m continuing to pray for all of you as you adjust to this transition. Also, I’m definitely available to assist with anything you need. I would love to help with helping move your Mom out of her place, etc. And, I’m SO looking forward to being able to visit your Mom on a regular basis once she’s in KY.

    I love you so, sweet friend!

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