The Countdown is on…

December 28th.  Christmas is over (for some).  For others, we are still loving the holiday season, the 12 days of Christmas, extended time at home drinking coffee, cleaning, organizing, watching movies and reading.  In some homes, Christmas trees and lights are still up (and will be) for a while longer and in others they are long swept into the closet ushering in a new season.  Winter.

I love all the seasons–definitely call me a four season gal.  Although some have my  heart (fall) and some I’m not super fond of (summer), I love how they all have their time and appreciate them all for the different things they bring.  It’s been an unusually mild “winter” so far this year–not until later today will I whip out my heavy winter coat.  There’s something about winter that for many of us, signifies the culmination of all holidays–Christmas.  What I’ve noticed in recent years however, is that when you get right past the Christmas season in many stores, delving through the piles of clearance-marked lights and wrapping paper, you’ll find an abundance of something else that very oddly, signifies winter for many.

I’ve found myself in these aisles myself the past few years.  It’s an odd place to be.  Here it is the dead of winter and I’m looking for what??

Running gear?

Yes, it’s that time of year when we all make that “New Year’s Resolution” to get in shape, go on a diet, make lifestyle changes whether it’s to drink, smoke, or gamble less.

For the past few years, I’ve re-framed my own personal view of the resolution to that of an overarching goal.  What is that one “thing” that I want to do that I hope infiltrates every area of my life.  If you know me at all,  you’ll know that I’m a visionary.  And one thing visionary people like me do is set goals.  It’s hard to see the future come to fruition if there’s not a step-by-step plan in place.  Now, if you’ve known the me of the past few  years,  you’ll also know that I’m learning  more and more to let go of planning everything out in life.  This is due to a few things–namely being God reminding me daily that He is God and I need to let go of the steering wheel from time to time.  I also have this amazing reminder daily in the flesh.  It’s that man I pledged my faithfulness to a few years ago “for better, for worse, for planning and spontaneity.”

So even though I’m learning more and more about not getting too stringent with goals, wanting to be realistic  and set attainable goals, I still get this urge to sit down this time each year and create a laundry list of goals for the upcoming year.  My new planner even has a spot for me to write them out in!

Are you kidding? I've got to get you coming back to read future posts about my goals! No spoilers here!

Are you kidding? I've got to get you coming back to read future posts about my goals! No spoilers here!

So with all that said, I’ll be posting here and there over the next few days and weeks about some things that I want to do/see/become in the new year.  As you’ll remember, last year’s goal was to “Be Better”  and while I do feel that we are better in some areas, there is always room to grow.  2011 did give us quite a start on some goals in which to be better and I look forward to sharing what is on my heart for 2012.

Are you a goal setter?  Thought about any for the upcoming year?  Perhaps you aren’t a goal setter–you are not alone (click with caution for those of you who are more like me…)

If you haven’t thought about it–no worries.  Why should you set a goal in the first place? Stay tuned for my thoughts on that…

Warm Regards,

Faith Nicole


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