What to write about?

I sometimes think about this little bloggy and how neglected it has been during particular seasons.  I come back to it after months with a new passion for writing, a new passion for obtaining more readers, getting more comments.  I look at the blogs I follow on a regular basis (specifically those whose blog has become their full time JOB) and read their advice on getting those readers and comments:

Have a specific focus for your blog–don’t cram it all into one blog.

Pick your focal audience and write for them.

Don’t do food, renovating, spirituality and family all in one blog.

I see those same blogs having a blog for their “thing”–be it organizing, home renovation, cooking–and a new additional blog for their family life. I look at the consistency and frequency with which they write.  I wonder how they do it.

Then I remember that for many of them, this is their full-time job.  Or at least a part-time job.  They are running ads, have sponsors and are trying to create a life for themselves by being a stay at home mom, dad, family or at least part time stay at home ____.

So here I am coming back to my blog after a season of distance wondering how to change things.  What’s the one thing I’m passionate about enough to blog about on a consistent basis?  Is it the renovation of our home?  Or the meals we cook on a daily basis?  What about my spiritual journey and what God is teaching me?  My professional interests?  Perhaps it’s to help family from far away stay in touch with what our day-to-day life looks like?  But when I look back over the life of pliable, I see that it’s peppered with all these things.  There is not one consistent theme.  I have so many interests, I cannot fathom only focusing on one of them and to me, that seems to be a little messy.  My life for sure cannot be put into pretty little boxes, tied up with bows and presented on this forum without a little mess.

I recall in grade-school participating in a 4-H project.  I made it to the regional competition.  My presentation?  Gift Wrapping.  That’s right.  It was a combo of public speaking and also creating a poster board expressing the outline of our project.  I was a master at Gift Wrapping.  Fast-forward to the present and many days I sit behind a screen and wonder how I can magically put the thoughts that are rolling around in my head in some coherent blog post.  Will it make sense?  Will anyone read it?  Will anyone care enough to comment?

Then I’m taken back to the moment a few months ago.  That A-Ha moment in my morning quiet time where I was really pondering some big life questions and I remembered how much I love writing and how little I get to do it (or rather, create space in my schedule for writing).  And what is it that I love again about writing?  The entire writing process.  Not for the comments of friends reading (although feedback is good).  Not for the conversation I wish to be sparked that isn’t (again, that would also be great).  I miss writing for the opportunity to practice that “gift-wrapping” process.  I have been wrestling constantly with the culture of busy-ness we’ve created and live into on a daily basis.  Perhaps I’m not commenting on other friends blogs for the same reason they aren’t commenting on mine–we can’t slow down long enough to FULLY read a post, much less give feedback.

So, here’s a post where I didn’t really answer the question I posed, just experienced some of the writing process that for me, gets my mind moving.  What to write about?  Whatever seems to be striking me that day.  Will I have a theme?  Will I write about certain things on certain days?  Perhaps.  But that day is not today.  I will write when I feel the urgency to write.  I will try to be more frequent, but not guilt myself if I’m not.  I will aim for more engaging and interesting topics, but sometimes life is not engaging or interesting.

My topic?  Write to write, Faith.  That’s all.



One thought on “What to write about?

  1. I like it, I like it a lot. At first, when your topic started with those “rules” about how to write a good blog, I became very dismayed. But then, towards the end of your entry, I came to the same conclusion about my blog that you did about yours: I write to write, says so write in my little “about me” section. Love you friend.

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