Here’s somewhat of a snapshot of life lately in No Plan November:

  • We are being encouraged through our Strong series at Crossroads.  It’s really hitting home in so many ways.  If you have some time, check in on the messages.
  • Our small group has changed and although I miss seeing the larger group on a more frequent basis, the intimacy and connectedness we are experiencing with just one other couple has really been amazing.
  • In addition to studying the spiritual disciplines through our series, I’m leading a “Depth” group with upperclassmen women at Georgetown and we’re studying “Celebration of Discipline.”  Always been one of my favorite books and layering it over what I’m hearing at church is really incredible.
  • The Beau and I seem to be in quite a stride with our daily schedule which helps us to be more successful in so many areas of life.  I’m loving the routine especially when I’ve got the unwavering support of my best friend.
  • Part of this schedule includes waking at  5am and doing something active–runs, walks, & yoga are the morning workout while WOD’s and lifting hit us in the evening.  Really being encouraged at how our physical and spiritual strengths are connected.
  • Another piece is cooking together–we love being in the kitchen together, one being the chef, the other being sous, one doing the dishes and the other putting things away.
  • We’ve gotten to this point also that we just see something that needs to be done and rather than put it off, we just do it.  Right then.  Sounds simple and so elementary, but believe me, it’s been magical.
  • Tea before bed.  New favorite ritual.
  • Thankful in November–I’ve been taking a photo each day and listing what I’m thankful for and posting it on Facebook.  I would have a link to that post, but I’ve also decided to start “Facebook Free Friday’s”  I’m not saying Facebook is bad, but I know that I get on there and waste a lot of time.  Plus, I have the tendency to just check in with people via their virtual self versus their REAL self.  This also means that I will hopefully call someone to check in with them weekly.
  • No Plan November has all in all been really great.  It’s been challenging at times, especially being a social person and wanting to connect with others.  However, I’ve found already that we’ve been able to make it work, see people, be connected and really live into what GOD is calling us to each day.  Sometimes that’s extended quiet time or a walk and other times it’s staying up WAY past our bedtime to go see a friends new band downtown and connect with folks it’s been way too long since you’ve seen last.
  • I’m still wishing I found myself in front of the computer screen blogging more.  I have many thoughts, but just aren’t getting to sit down to write them.  Perhaps I’m not making the time.  Perhaps there are other reasons inhibiting me from writing.
  • I’m constantly seeking Gods direction for my life.  Every. Next. Step.


One thought on “Snapshot

  1. love your new look as well 🙂 i like your no plan november, thought about calling you a week in advance for coffee, but then remembered you’re not making plans. but for real, we should grab coffee 🙂

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