No Plan November

Rest Is More

I know–You’ve heard of No Shave November, but I’m proposing something even better. You may have noticed that today is October 27th and my last post was October 5th.  Yes–crazy month October has been.  And if I’m not careful, that craziness will only continue.

However, I’ve been really challenged to take my Sabbath each week and my daily time of peace and reflection.  I have been reminded just how much of an anchor these are for me.  I recently had quite a focus on Sabbath through church and a women’s retreat I helped lead.  One of the quotes that really stood out to me was from Ann Voskamp, whom I am coming to just absolutely love.  Two thoughts of hers:

Rest time is not lost time; rest time is what gives meaning to the rest of time.”

“If we don’t take breaks, we break.

As we are quickly approaching the holiday season and as much as I love the gatherings and celebrations with friends and family whom I love so dearly, sometimes I get a little anxious at how that’s going to impact my day-to-day or week-to-week life.  The past few months I’ve reflected on calendars that have had events every weekend day of each month.  The weeks are jam packed with after hours work activities and time to catch up with friends.  When I think about the holiday season approaching, sometimes I dread it–and that is the absolute opposite of what I should be doing!   I should be preparing my heart and life for the coming of our Savior.

In thinking of how this might pan out and envisioning stressful tear-filled conversations with the Beau, I had the idea of “No Plan November”.  In looking at our family calendar, outside of a work commitment the first Saturday and going out of town for Thanksgiving, we have no plans for the month–None!.  What an amazing opportunity!  Seriously.  Our family challenge and one that I’m extending to you is that we join together to make November a “No Plan November”.  What that means is that our calendars stay clear for us to focus on family, and friends, but in intentional and  meaningful ways. We plan each day as it greets us.  No making plans for next Saturday night…until Next Saturday.  Want to meet up for coffee?  Call someone that day and see if they’re free.  Want to have some friends over for a meal on Saturday evening?  Call them that morning to see if they can do it.  One step further–what if we actually called them instead of emailed them or texted them.  When’s the last time you’ve heard your college friend’s voice on the phone?  Or that friend from church you’ve just not gotten around to chatting with over a cup of coffee?

If more of us have freed up schedules, then it shouldn’t be too problematic to really take each day as it comes and invest in the opportunities for community that await us–day by day.  Now some of us may already have a packed month and that’s totally okay…I’m just wondering if we can do something small–perhaps one weekend day a month with no plans that leaves us open to the community that could await us.
So feel free to think it over, talk with your family and post a comment below if you too are up for such a challenge.



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