Weekend Update

Good morning friends!  I hope you are having a lovely Monday morning.  Although Monday mornings can tend to be a bit tedious as many of us forge back into the work week after a nice weekend away from work’s demands, I hope that you’ll take some time to be reminded of just how good it is to have a job that affords you to have weekends off to relax with family and friends.

Lewie and I had a wonderful weekend.  I spent Friday evening with two dear girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants in Lexington–Atomic Cafe.  Although the weather was a bit cool, we were able to sit outside (one of my favorite things) and enjoy our basket of sweet potato chips and salsa, and I enjoyed my salmon that I had been looking forward to all week. However, the conversation with dear friends that was had was even better.  It was not 5 minutes into my time with these two dears that we each had rounded the table with the one big thing that seems to in our face at the moment–situations with my Mom’s health (more on that to come), new business ventures for one, and a birth of little Sophie that should happen any day for the last! I love those friendships that can go for a month with little contact and when you’re back together, not a beat is skipped.  So refreshing and thankful for these relationships in life.

Saturday, I had a work commitment that took me to a small little town in Kentucky accompanied by a colleague I rarely get to spend time with.  It was a beautiful day for a drive and we both enjoyed an inaugural Pumpkin Spice Latte on our journey along with fantastic conversation.

After returning home and some down time with the beau, we both cleaned up and headed to Frankfort for a wedding of a former student of mine.  It was one of the most creative, original weddings I’ve ever been to–ceremony took place on Granny’s front porch, backyard reception, all local foods, mason jar favors with chalkboard paint for a place to write your name–so creative and I am so  happy for my dear friends!

Sunday morning found us at our favorite breakfast spot–the Huddle House (get ready to see this on many weekend updates).  It’s our ‘Cheers’ in Paris–the place where the servers know our order (for the most part), we are greeted with smiles and can sit and recap our week until our hearts content and we could fly home on the energy our many coffee cups (now empty) have given us. After our Omelets and Coffee, we continued conversation on to church and we’re excited about the new series that we’re embarking on.  After church we had a meeting with our small group about the new direction we are headed in.  I am SO excited to be on this new journey and think it’s gonna do great things for us all spiritually. Can’t wait to share more as things progress.

After that meeting, we finally made it home around 3 to fix a late lunch–Pumpkin Chili!  I failed to snap a picture, but it will be appearing in this week’s Foodie Friday (making a comeback, I promise!).  We watched Juno and Dan in Real Life (both two great, GREAT movies).  We had seen Dan in Real Life but for some reason neither of us remembered much about it at all.  It’s a great flick about real life–the good times and difficult times and how family helps you through them both.  Such a great, needed reminder for me right now. We also had some pumpkin ice cream during the movie (YUM-o!) but will be putting our ice-creamer maker to rest as the temperatures are getting cooler calling for more fall-like treats.  [insert happy dance here]

After finishing the movie, the beau moved to the kitchen to do the dishes for the day and I joined him armed with my planner, home management notebook, favorite cookbooks and I worked out detailing out our meals for the week, looked at my work and personal calendars and got my head wrapped around what will greet me this week. We finished off the night with a pumpkin spiced tea latte (the beau is getting quite creative) and prayers for the week.

Sure, you may not care to know about my weekly planning accompanied by the beau doing dishes, but it was the perfect way to cap off a a perfect weekend (in my book).

I am so blessed.  I love my life.


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. I care 🙂 Thank for sharing. I love hearing about your and Lew’s home life, you guys are so down to earth and so thankful for each other. I am grateful to call you friends.

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