Come and Listen

I am not one to sit here and brag about the state of my spiritual walk at the moment.  I am fully aware that it’s only by God’s grace that he has drawn me into this place with Him.

Those of us who follow Christ and make it our life’s goal to be constantly transformed by His spirit; we all have our moments of spiritual clarity that seem to shine more brightly than others.  For me as a kid growing up it was always the “youth camp” experience.  There was this group of teenagers all committing to make Christ the priority in their lives during this time they were together 24/7 during one hot and humid week of the summer, but after the fall leaves had turned and everyone was back in the throes of their own High School drama, the passion seemed to wane.

After youth camp days, it seems the newest Christian book sensation hits (no judgment to any of these—please don’t get me wrong) and our lives are surrounded with how the Prayer of Jabez, The Purpose Driven Life, or even more recent titles can impact us and transform us.  These are all fantastic tools that God has used to draw people to Him.  But sometimes the focus is on the tool and not God.

What happened to me a little over a month ago however was God wooing me to get to know Him better.  No tools involved.   To take some time out of my day to spend in his word.  In prayer.  In silence.  Journaling my responses to how I felt God moving in my life.  It has been absolutely transformative.

Now, I love to read and don’t get me wrong—there are some of those titles out there right now that I’m itching to get my hands on, but what I also love reading?  My proverb of the day.  My scripture from the 100 days overview on YouVersion.  Sitting down with my journal and cup of coffee each morning just spending time talking with the Creator of the universe, sharing the desires of my heart and watching as he did just yesterday, hear and answer a prayer in the matter of a few short moments.   I love coming together with my husband at the start of our day or as we crawl into bed with the Word—the Word is life, it is alive and it is our bread and sustenance.

This is not perfect.  There are deeper places I want to go with my spiritual walk.  I look forward to coming days of deeper spiritual commitment with my small group, leading a group of college women into spiritual disciplines and seeing how that impacts my own personal spiritual disciplines.  I also look forward to reading some of those books that have been on my “to-read” list for far too long.  One thing I do know though, those morning moments in the quiet with crickets chirping will still be the place I look for God in the start of my day.   I pray that wherever your day might be leading you today, you’ll take a few minutes out to see God and seek what He may want to do in your life, if you’ll only slow down a bit and listen.

“Come and listen. Come and listen to what He’s done”


3 thoughts on “Come and Listen

  1. i have been on a similar journey since this past winter. it’s amazing. i’m learning how much HE truly loves me and it is life changing. for rizzle. 🙂 seriously, i could not be happier and have learned so much just listening to Him through his already spoken word and words he gives me daily. love you. hopefully close soon…

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