What’s on your plate?

Every Tuesday (yes, I recognize it’s Wednesday…what a week), I’m aiming to post a little something about the health and wellness goals that Lew and I have.  Enjoy!


Last October (hard to believe that was almost a year ago), Lew and I started on a journey.  It was called Paleo.  We did a “Whole 30” for the month of October and have never felt better.  Basically we ate meat, veggies, nuts, good healthy fats and some fruit and completely cut out all grains, sugar and dairy.  Easy for some, hard for some, life changing for any who really commit to doing it.  It certainly was for us.

But we’re human and Thanksgiving 2010 came–we ran a 5K that morning (which was a huge goal for us both) and then starting with lunch that afternoon began our downhill trajectory.  It was not just a few “choice” meals but a holiday season of hosting events and making concessions we KNEW were not good for us, but did anyway.  We never got back on the wagon after the first of the year.  We KNOW however that it is how we function best in the bodies God has so graciously given us.

We turned things around in May, but we still not 100% strict. That changed as of this week.  I’ll be posting updates on how we’re doing, our eating plan and our accompanied workout plan to keep you guys posted and to keep us accountable.

Below is a post I’ve shared with some friends inquiring about Paleo.  There are a ton of great sites listed at the bottom and if you have questions–please feel free to ask.  I am certainly no expert, but will do my best to help you!


The biggest advice for starting Paleo is plan, plan, plan!  It IS hard in the beginning, I won’t lie–your body is adjusting from the lack of sugars and you will be tired by 7pm, but honestly, it’s so worth it to feel better and not bloated or awful after each meal.  Dealing with the cravings and being tired for the first week or two is the worst but if you can make it past those two humps, the way your body & mind feel are definitely worth it and you’ll understand it isn’t just a hype diet, it truly does transform.

As far as being successful with Paleo, I would say you’ve got to plan your meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I plan everything out on Sundays, make sure meat is laid out, veggies in stock etc.  We’ve realized that Thursdays are rough nights for us as it’s close to the work week end and neither of us feel like cooking, so Thursdays are crock pot night.

The thing I love about Paleo is that if you are eating the RIGHT stuff (eat meat and vegetables, healthy fats, some fruit, little starch and no sugar, grains or dairy), there is no counting or weighing.  It’s about feeling strong, mentally and physically, not a number on a scale.  It destroys the idea of a typical American diet, putting you in control as long as the foods you take in are healthy, you’ll be healthy, period.  There is no expense other than your grocery bill (which could be a little higher depending on the kind of food you currently eat), but there is no special food to buy, no membership fees to “join”, no special pill or elixir to take daily.  This is YOU eating the food we were designed to eat.

I would FIRST start off by reading this–and if you’re serious–doing it!  This is the 30 day plan Lew and I did in October 2010.  We are going to start doing this VERY strict 2 times a year.

We basically do the same thing now, but have cheese about once a week and allow for a FEW splurges occasionally.  Your body needs you to cut it out completely in the beginning to get rid of the gluten especially but also other harmful things that your body has been fed for years.

If that interests you, I would then spend the $20 and get the Everyday Paleo cookbook off Amazon.  Lew got it for me for my birthday and it is SUCH a great “starter” for someone new to Paleo.  The recipes are AMAZING and she has a great intro to Paleo as well as great workouts you can do at home.  The link to amazon is on her blog.

I would also look into Robb Wolf’s stuff for the more technical reasons of why the Paleo diet works.   He has a ton of testimonials about how Paleo has helped out certain disorders on his blog–be sure to look at that!

Finally, if you’re wondering if this works or if you want to do it, all three of the sites will say is if you’re questioning if it will work–just do it (strict) for 30 days and if you don’t see/feel a difference, then go back to how you were eating before. I would also echo that a 30 day commitment should be enough to convince you.



2 thoughts on “What’s on your plate?

  1. I love this. I read a book by Dr. Asa that has a similar diet in it. He calls it the “anti-inflammatory diet”. Preston and I did it for a while, but you are right- it is very difficult. But it just changes your thinking and really educates you on what you are putting in your body. Scary stuff!! Hope all is well with you my friend! Miss you!

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