Foodie Friday

The past couple weeks have been great, but a little busy, but overall really great.  Although I have been cooking quite a bit, just haven’t found my way onto the blog to update on my culinary creations.  Since we’re looking at 2 weeks of food here, I’m going to fly through many of the descriptors, but here’s a look at how we eat in the Cracraft household.

Sunday, June 5th-Steak and Asparagus

  • Source: Me!
  • Beau Rating: 9

Steak and Asparagus

This has become one of our favorite spring standby’s–a nicely marinated steak with grilled asparagus.  Whether on the grill outside or inside on the stove top, it’s a wonderful quick and tasty little treat.  It’s a classic that can’t really go wrong.

Monday, June 6th–Chicken Curry & Spinach Salad

  • Source: Everyday Paleo and Me!
  • Beau Rating: 8.5 (curry a little overdone–Crockpots fault)

Chicken Curry & Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad (pre-potluck)

The curry got a little overdone on this one–I may need to stick to Sunday Crockpot meals since they just spend too much time cooking while I’m at work.  It’s a VERY tasty treat however that I’ve tried a couple times and has great flavor (and added veggies).

The salad was a bit of a treat with lovely feta cheese and grapes, but it’s so tasty.  We had a couple pot lucks to go to and ended up with leftovers which we weren’t complaining about.  🙂

Thursday, June 9th–Burgers, Sweet Potato Rounds & Salad

Burgers, Sweet Potato Rounds and Salad

This was a very simple meal, but one that was very yummy.  I was looking for a new recipe for my Sweet Potatoes and found a great one from my friend Vivian.  TASTY!

Saturday, June 11th–Pecan Crusted Chicken

Pecan Crusted Chicken

This was so lovely and easy.  Some pecans, honey and mustard made up the most lovely “crust” for this chicken.  The chicken got a little too cooked, but overall, it was tasty!

Sunday, June 12th

Lunch: Bison Burgers, Sun dried Tomato Chicken Sausage & Salad

  • Source: US!
  • Beau Rating: 9.5

Bison Burgers, Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage & Salad

You might be asking why such a high rating for such a simple meal, but my oh my–you taste that bison and you’ll see why!  They were so good especially paired with the smokyness from our new smoker grill! The  sausages from Trader Joe’s were also really tasty!

Dinner: Apple Shallot Pork Chop

  • Source: Everyday Paleo
  • Beau Rating: 9 (got up’d points for what it can be)

Apple Shallot Pork Chop & Asparagus

This is the second go round for this recipe and honestly, the first time was way better.  Definitely would have been a 10.  The pork chops were a little dry this round, but they had sat in the fridge for a day or so before cooking, so that could have done it.  This is a VERY tasty and simple recipe that seems like it took hours–definitely one in our books for the long haul (or company)!

Monday, June 13th–Shrimp Tacos and Homemade Salsa Verde

Shrimp Tacos

Yummy–could have had a little more paired with it to make it more filling.  The lettuce used for the wraps also were not so user friendly.  The recipe used a salsa verde and I had 6 lovely little green tomato from our CSA and a recipe from SIS begging to be used.  The salsa was outta the park!  I was so proud and was able to use it later in the week for the Fiesta Pork.

Homemade Green Tomato Salsa Verde!

Tuesday, June 14th–Better Butter Chicken, Cauli Rice, Swiss Chard and Roasted Potatoes

Better Butter Chicken, Cauli Rice, Swiss Chard & Roasted Potatoes

This was my “challenge” recipe for the week–I surprisingly had everything for this Indian fare in my cabinet.  I could have used more chicken (there was a LOT of leftover sauce) and my onions got burnt initially giving everything a more “blackened” taste than I think the recipe called for.  I’ll definitely be trying it again to see how things go.

The potatoes were in our CSA as well and once again, I found a great recipe in SIS for roasted potatoes making up my own seasonings using shallots, garlic, bay leaf, and some other tasty spices–they were very restaurant quality and also were used for another recipe later in the week.

The chard was WAY salty, but tasty when mixed in with the chicken.  The cauli rice–AMAZING!  Thank you new food processor!

Wednesday, June 15th-Frittata and Black Raspberries

  • Source: Everyday Paleo Cookbook
  • Mylo & Beau Rating: 9.5

Fritatta with Black Raspberries

This.  Was.  Amazing.  We used some yellow squash, red pepper, leftover roasted potatoes, some ham and mushrooms from our CSA (on my side anyway!)  We could have had a little more spices and cooked a little longer (a bit of runny egg here and there).  Will definitely become a repeat offender!

Loved the black raspberries from our CSA–such a treat!

Thursday, June 16th-Fiesta Pork

  • Source: Me!
  • Beau Rating: 9

Fiesta Pork

This was a really great throw together recipe and a great way to get a meat we haven’t eaten as much of lately in our diet.  Pork loin, leftover veggies and the remaining green tomato salsa verde–so tasty!!  We added onion, carrots, cabbage, radishes, peppers, but you could add whatever was in your fridge really. It was also nice that we had lots of leftovers for other meals!

Here’s to TWO weeks of meals!  More coming this Friday.  Enjoy!



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