A season of gratefulness

Life never stops, eh?  You too? I know it seems chaotic and the dishes pile up and the laundry never seems finished.  The to-do list of chores and house projects and gardens to plant and friends to visit seems endless.  Nope it does end.  You just have to make it so.

I have been a difficult season–I can’t deny it.  But I am leaning hard into the lessons God is teaching me.  Gratitude.  Eucharistao.  Perspective.

Words I long for on a daily basis. The book One Thousand Gifts has been unbelievably life-grounding for me.  I’m not quite finished, but already it has taught me more about these three words than I’ve learned in quite some time.

We were blessed to find quite a bargain on some new patio furniture this weekend and honestly it has been a lovely start to my mornings–outside after a hard, sweaty workout, soaking in the cool air these past few mornings have brought us. The steam from my cup of coffee lingering in the coolness, my journal, bible and devotional book all strewn across the bistro table allowing me to have some perspective, some solitude and honestly, some peace in the chaos.

My morning solace

On the drive to work today I heard a song that just really hit home.  As tears were streaming down my face, I thought–I need this.  I need the calm, the quiet.  I need to remember that through out trials and difficult seasons, we develop character.  That the Kingdom of God is an upside down kingdom–when we are at our lowest, those are the times God is shaping us to become something great for Him.  If you are going through challenging times–the dishes, the laundry, the to-do lists are piling up, or something more serious such as a difficult illness, grief, or loss–God is there.  Perhaps his blessings are coming through those raindrops and tears.



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