5 Things

5 Things I’m grateful for today, Thursday, June 2nd.

  1. Summer Picnics-Although it’s been blistering hot here lately, it was really nice to spend time outside eating burgers and dogs and chatting with  good friends.
  2. End of School!  Even though I’m not a public school teacher, being in the education field brings a lot of joy for those who are and the “freedom” that the summer brings.  Although my “summer” has been extremely busier than many I’ve encountered, I’m still thankful for a bit of a break.
  3. The little fan on my desk-With the sweltering temps, it’s been more than warm in my windowless office.  I’m thankful for the fan that doesn’t take up to much room on the corner of my desk.
  4. Impromptu lunch dates–it’s always great to get away, sit on a patio’d cafe in the middle of the day and pretend you’re in Europe with a friend.
  5. Black out curtains and blinds.  I never imagined I’d be more thankful for such wonderful inventions.  My sleep will never be the same (nor will I ever be without these little treats again!)



One thought on “5 Things

  1. Love this Faith! Such a fun idea to find the simple things in our everyday life to be thankful for. I had so much fun at the picnic last night! Summer is official now 🙂

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