Happy Monday!

Happy Monday all!

It’s been a busy few weeks and when that happens it seems my blogging goes down.  But anyway–here’s a recap of the past few weeks:

  • We killed our TV and are loving it.  I think we’ll eventually put ours back up in our reading room (once that renovations complete) for when a movie moment does hit, but the extra time we’ve had for conversation, reading, cooking, cleaning and working on the house remodel, taking a walk has been wonderful.  Someone recently asked “so what do you DO if you aren’t watching TV?  The answers are endless…here are a few.
  • We hosted the beau’s family for a Mother’s Day Mexican Feast.  It was full of chicken enchiladas, beef tacos, guacamole and fiesta fun!  🙂
  • My intern had her final presentation and we celebrated with a meal fixed by the beau afterwards at our home.  I’m so proud of Amanda and her bright future.
  • Georgetown College held commencement and graduation. It was a busy work week for me to say the least.
  • Despite the busy work week, I celebrated turning 30th!  It was fantastic!  On my birthday, I had lunch with two dear friends at our favorite girly spot.  The beau and I enjoyed a nice dinner just the two of us at a place we’d never been but thanks to a gift card were able to visit.  For the actual celebration, we gathered at our house for a few appetizers and drinks then traveled down to one of our favorite small-town treasures just a few blocks from our house for a yummy meal.  The beau surprised me by ordering a cake from the bakery that catered our wedding cake, The Sugar Forest.  It was delicious and the same flavor even as our wedding cake–white wedding with raspberry filling.  Sooooo good!

    YUMMMMMMY cake!

  • We hosted our small group in our home for a lovely Sunday brunch even though it was rainy.  I tried my hand at a few new recipes that were a hit and we developed quite a full social summer calendar with our small group family.  Let me just tell ya–when you don’t have family close by, it’s awful good to have this kind of family.
  • I had some good conversations with friends.  Tough conversations with friends.  Lovely lunches out and dinners at night with a few friends talking about life and some of the decisions we have to make from time to time that aren’t so fun.  But again, thank goodness we have each other during those tough times.

So that’s been the past few weeks.  I’m back, hopeful to find my way to this blog a bit more frequently, sharing things we’re getting into, some new home updates as the bug has hit again, fun new recipes, and who knows what else.  I hope you’ll stop by as well!

me and lew--happy 30th!



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