5 things….

Taking a liking to the beau of mine, here are 5 things for which I am grateful (also in no particular order):

1. Stationary.  I don’t know what it is about nice, thick stationary, but it does indeed make me smile.  Especially if my name happens to be etched somewhere on it.

2. Outdoor dining.  I love spring and summer and fall when the weather is just right and you can sit outdoors at your favorite cafe or restaurant or even fine dining place.  Something about being out in nature where our food comes from with a nice beverage, good food and even better friends/family makes me very happy.

3. My coffee cup.  My red and silver jewel that goes with me every day to work.  It holds my java that gets me going and helps me to stay alert on my drive in.  I love that the cup is spill proof and keeps my treasure warm for up to 4 hours!  (Not that I need it warm for that long!)

4. Two letters I received this week–one from a graduating senior and one from a student finishing their first year at the school where I work. Both brought tears to my eyes to see the journey they had each been on and where they will continue.

5. The beau.  He is strong and solid; as even-kill as they come; funny; sensitive; caring; dependable and has taught me so much in these short few years we’ve courted and now become man and wife.  I’m oh, so grateful for you dear.



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