Killing our TV

We did it.  We didn’t ultimately KILL the TV as could be seen in some of images you might find if you Google search it, but we did move it upstairs yesterday morning after breakfast.  It was a wonderful day.  In addition to helping our Sabbath truly become a Sabbath, it was really nice and quiet.  We ate breakfast at our dining room table instead of at our kitchen eat-in table; we enjoyed a wonderful church service, had some yummy lunch, read some great books, took a nap and just generally had a nice, quiet, simple day.

So what might we do with ourselves during this month with no TV?  Here are some great suggestions.



4 thoughts on “Killing our TV

  1. I wrote a wonderful response last night that apparently didn’t go through…. 🙂 Here’s to take two:
    I think for us, it is more of quieting our lives down in light of recent chaos that has really sent us both spinning. We had been practicing a “Sabbath” and not watching any TV/movies on that day, but just realized that we needed more. (I’m sure you read this, but typically Lew always says things better than I do:
    Secondly, if it is something that someone in your house might want to try a little disconnect, perhaps choose one night a week at first, or eventually Sunday, to just be still, quiet and calm.
    Sure, it’s not “easy” and we are by no means saying we’ll never watch our favorite shows again (hello, FNL Marathon!), but I loved the feeling of walking into our dark, quiet kitchen Sunday evening and getting this little reminder of how it felt to walk into my grandparents kitchen as a child. I loved going to their house because it was calm, quiet and real. I hope people will want to be in our home and our lives for those same reasons.

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