5 Core Values : Relationships

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing in depth about my Core Values.  This week, we’re looking at Relationships. Well…actually last week we lived relationships…keep reading…


So, I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up with my 5 Core Values posts for the first week….4 out of 5 intended posts actually being published isn’t too shabby for me.

This past week (April 18-22) was supposed to be a focus on relationships–family and friends–and how they tie into my core values.  The focus was on relationships–it just didn’t surface on this blog.  Let’s recap:

  • The beau and I hosted several friends over to our home for an impromptu birthday celebration/rain soaked dinner that turned out to be way more fun than many of the planned events we’ve had.
  • We found our way to a local men’s homeless shelter; served them breakfast and rubbed elbows with some new found friends.
  • Had breakfast with said friends at one of our favorite Lexington breakfast/brunch spots.
  • Found out that my dear friends dad lost his battle with cancer while at breakfast.  I stepped out onto the patio as emotion rained over me just in the way it was hitting the concrete when Lilly, the restaurant manager walked in.  Our frequent visits have made us distant friends, but I wasn’t expecting what came next.  She grabbed me in a tight hug, not knowing the reason for my tears.  When she found out, I sensed some of the most genuine concern I have in a while from anyone.  I was in her own crying corner out there on that patio and she graciously lent it to me for the morning.
  • The next few days were filled with tears, hugs, memories and stories with my dear friend and her Mom, my Lexington family of friends and the beau.
  • Life brought a former student into my path for just a few moments….although the circumstances may have been out of the ordinary, it was still so nice to share a hug and a few laughs (and maybe tears…)
  • An extended holiday weekend brought me to Virginia to share some time with sweet Mama as she’s home again.
  • And finally, another much needed impromptu gathering with friends, babies and many laughs.

I hope you have had time to share meaningful moments with friends, family and loved ones.  Life is short.  Live it to it’s fullest.  Love it with all you’ve got.  Give a stranger a hug.  Give back to someone who needs it.  Go the extra mile.  Don’t be afraid to laugh really loud or shed a tear.  Don’t go too long without holding a baby.  If you can do all these things in the course of a few hours….soak it all in.  Life is good.


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