5 Core Values: Intention: Weekly

For the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing in depth about my Core Values.  This week, we’re looking at Intentionality. Check out the other installments here,   here and here 


This weekly call to intention is probably my favorite, because it feels the most disciplined for me in my current season: my week-in-review.  Like the quarterly review, many weeks look a little different, but the intent is still the same: figure out an intentional plan for the week ahead and implement it.

My tools include:

  • cup of coffee
  • home management notebook
  • my lovely new Erin Condren planner
  • my work calendar on my phone
  • our current meal planner-the whiteboard/calendar on the fridge I scored at Target a while back.  I’m hoping to utilize some lovely tools from Jen’s etsy store in the near future! 

Here is my outline:

  • Weekly Reflection & Evaluation
  • Review Goals-3 Monthly Goals & Action Steps, 15 before 30, Yearly
  • Review Schedule and Plan Upcoming Week
  • Check Master To-Do List
  • Assign To-Do’s to a daily plan
  • Coupon
  • Menu Plan & Grocery List
  • Blog Plan & Prep Articles
  • Write Letters & Thank You Notes
  • Look Over Hospitality Ideas/Plan

I have created some of my own printables as far as my weekly eval/reflection form, but I also use a lot of the ones that iheartorganizing shared last month.  The weekly reflection & eval was something I adapted from my initial inspiration to make a home management notebook.  It basically breaks down my week and keeps the focus where it needs to be.

(Click to Zoom in)

After this journaling process, the rest of my time is pretty much guided by my outline above.  It is so great to get things detailed out and done.  I can easily enjoy my Sabbath if this is tackled early before church.  It definitely helps me keep my head in the game.

This is a pretty broad overview of my favorite weekly journey into living an intentional life.  Does anyone else have a similar weekly planning/organizing/journal time that helps keep your head in the game of life?

Play ball!


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