5 Core Values: Intention: Monthly

For the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing in depth about my Core Values.  This week, we’re looking at Intentionality. Check out the other installments here and here.


Now for those of you who know me, you know this intentional planning thing could not come more naturally.  As I’ve been brainstorming this series, I will typically run my posts by the beau, who is not only the best husband to me, but the best editor to many.  The other reason he gets an inside look is that he is not a planner.  He will tell me if it does not make sense.  Disclaimer: This post did not get past his watchful eye.

GASP!  That’s right.  Oh the horror when I realized the man I would marry and spend the rest of my days with had never had a planner of any type nor could ever envision himself making plans for much of anything.

Clearly, there were other things I was smitten by and he did have some intentions that made their way into plans.  Ones that included putting a ring on my finger, buying a house and pursuing his dreams of going back to school.

In addition, he married a planner.  He wasn’t getting off the planning hook that easy.  (I kid, I kid!)

In any successful marriage, the art of compromise is learned early on and we have definitely  had our bouts of compromise around this issue.  I don’t just sit around planning for the fun of it (not all the time anyway), but my job requires that I do quite a bit of vision casting and planning.  It’s ingrained into my being.  His upbringing taught him that when plans are made, they change.  Clearly two very different approaches.

So one of the compromises in our marriage involves planning.  I learned that although the hubs isn’t a planner in the same way I am, it is quite important that as we were joining our two lives together in marriage, we must join our two calendar lives together as well.  He really does appreciate knowing what’s going on.

So this January I purchased a desk calendar that sits in the entry way of our home on our roll-top desk.  It typically sits there without much action other than it’s monthly planning dance!  Toward the end of each month, we pull it out onto the dining room table, I with my work and personal calendars to the table while Lewie engages his mind (which hold his course syllabi and other important dates) and we sit down and detail out our engagements–when I have work events outside of the 8-5, when my husbands exams are, weekends away, church commitments, etc.  After everything gets out on the calendar (in our color coded pens nonetheless), we then look at dates that we can live into our value of hospitality (more on that later!)

This is a way we can intentionally live into the day-to-day that life brings us while typically knowing what things we have on our plates.  This also is a very practical way for us to support one another intentionally the week of a big test or work engagement.

How do you and your significant other(s) keep up with one anothers schedules?  Any Google Calendar users out there?  Tell me how you put this value of intention into the livelihood of your family?


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