5 Core Values: Intention: Quarterly

For the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing in depth about my Core Values.  This week, we’re looking at Intentionality. Check out the first installment here.


So after those 12 areas have been decided upon, put into my calendar, a list made and put into my Home Management Notebook (another post for another day, but please check out my new best friend Jen’s site for more*), then what?

Again, intentionality means (to me) reminding yourself on a consistent basis the type of person and life you want to lead and putting tools and reminders in place to become that person.  Now, let me clarify, none of this can really happen without God’s divine presence and leading, so my 12 areas were not just randomly selected as I hit 12 out of 60 areas on a dart board–no, not at all.  These were areas in which I felt my life needed some refinement.  Areas in which I knew the Holy Spirit was tugging at my heart to “get it together.”

So after my yearly planning day, I have chosen 4 quarterly days throughout the year as a “check-up”.  We visit the doctor once a year at least for a physical check up, so just as important, we must intentionally schedule times in our lives to check up on what is going on in our heart mind and spirit.

My yearly day takes place in January around the start of the new year, so I have selected late March, June, September and December as my quarterly check up days.

The biggest thing for me in selecting these days is that I want to shut off the noise in my life so that I can really hear what God may be saying to me about these areas or something completely different.  No TV, Cell Phone is off, no computer.  Just me, my planner, my journal and my Home Management Notebook (watch out….the Nerd Alert Alarms are sounding).

There is no set pattern to my day.  Sometimes I’ll spend it at home in my comfies with a cup of coffee (or pot of coffee, don’t judge).  Perhaps I’ll end up at a corner chair at one of my favorite coffee shops, or the prayer room at my church.  The basically outline is this:

  • Pray-the day begins in prayer, asking for guidance and direction.  The rest of the day could look completely different based on the outcome of this time alone.  If not…
  • Review the last 3 months, my monthly goals and the 9-12 mini-goals I’ve set for each month.  See how those things went.  What things still need to be targeted on the next go round.
  • Look ahead to the next 3 months.  Update my goal chart (I hope to share an example of this soon) for the next quarter and set some real tangible things in place in your planner.
  • In Depth Journal-How have I felt the past 3 months have gone?  What grade would I give myself?  Would the grade be different each month?  (Don’t laugh–I work in Academia) What things can I be intentional about changing to get a better grade next quarter?

So that’s the basic outline for my quarterly check-up.  I have also been intentional about scheduling my quarterly reviews at work around these dates as well, so not only am I looking at things in my personal life, but I carve out some intentional time away from the office to think about how I can improve upon my day-to-day working with my colleagues and serving students.

So intention starts out with a yearly overview and quarterly check-up. Those are great for me to personally take inventory of how I’m doing.  Tomorrow I’ll share how the hubs gets involved on a monthly level.


*Okay, we aren’t really best friends, but my oh my, after seeing her site I felt I had just met my twin separated from birth.  🙂

4 thoughts on “5 Core Values: Intention: Quarterly

  1. you crack me up. and i AM laughing. but out of understanding because i absolutely love your organization and how you’ve started using it to connect spiritually, emotionally, etc. love you.

  2. Faith,
    I am enjoying reading your plan- getting from the intentional areas you want to work on to realistic goals and actions. Being a former teacher, I love the idea of giving myself a “grade” on my progress. Thanks for sharing! We glean so much from other women!

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