5 Core Values:Intention:Yearly

For the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing in depth about my Core Values.  This week, we’re looking at Intentionality.


Intention is my #1 Core Value because it has a huge impact on the rest of my core values therefore, how I live my life each and every day.

Each day this week, I’ll share with you how I implement Intention into my daily life.  Today, I’m looking at the way my year starts out with a yearly planning/goal setting day.

I have long been a fan of New Year’s and the clean slate it presents.  I enjoy making resolutions, which have now turned into goals and this year took a turn into more practical, tangible steps to ” be better.”  I can’t narrow down how to “be better” intentionally on a daily basis unless I have a road map to go back to and look toward for direction.  That’s what this day does.

This yearly planning day has had a number of “looks” over the years, including creating vision boards of things I hoped my  year would hold, breaking in a new planner, spending a lot of time in prayer and silence.

This year I looked at the 12 areas in my life that I wanted to improve upon and organized them.  I looked at the typical rhythm of my year and placed the goals accordingly.  January-organization, March-finances, etc, etc. This gave me a good platform of 12 general areas to focus on each month.

Within each month, I then thought about the practical ways that I could take baby steps to “be better.”  I took the 12 areas I had just determined and broke them up into quarterly goals.  So instead of focusing on Organization in January and never touching it again for the remainder of the year, I actually will make some small goals in the area of organization 3 times a year.  For instance, in April my monthly focus is health, but I have 3 areas I have created baby-step goals which include hospitality, my Scentsy business and cooking.

Does it seem confusing?  I hope not.  I’ll be breaking down how I chomp away at this quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily as we move throughout this week.

The long and the short of it is this: I can’t intentionally “be better” if I am not navigating my way throughout each day, week, and month with a plan.  This day sets the stage for everything else.


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