Core Values

As an iBloom Member, I was posed with this question yesterday and struggled as I could not nail down an answer.

“What are your core values?”

Although I had spent time coming up with a plan to “be better” as my 2011 goals indicated, I hadn’t really focused in my core values.  In my own words, core values are the things that make you tick–why you get out of bed each day.  And I hadn’t really articulated those for myself.  Good grief.

Regardless of my lack of focus in determining those, it was a good time for me to brainstorm as I approach my quarterly personal check-up.  We go to the doctor for a yearly check up (hopefully) so it’s only fitting that I take time even more often than that to do a check up on my heart, mind, & soul. So each March, June, September and December/January, I’ve set aside a day to do just that.

So what are those core values I’ve come up with?


relationships (family & friends)


unconditional love


My intentions are that I’ll be updating you a little more frequently on how my life and steps to “be better” are aligning with these core values.  I want to grow in my writing and sharing about my life, our home renovation, the books I’m reading, what I’m learning about health, food and spirituality and in my calling and vocation as a higher ed professional, daughter, wife and one-day mom. I want to learn more about the unconditional love that God has for me and hopefully is being translated into the way I care for and support family and friends. With so many serious things coming into play, I must remember to have fun in all things–perfecting my painting skills in our home, becoming a DIY aficionado, my love of travel and hospitality, learning new recipes that are healthy and local, and mastering the sewing machine I’ve inherited that will hopefully teach me a lot about patience, creativity, and the art of homemade gifts.

What are YOUR core values?


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