Has it been that long?

The last few weeks have been quite a blur to be honest.  I’m working on not feeling those pains of guilt when I look back at my last post dated February 17th and thinking “Have I really not posted since then?”

But I guess that’s true.  I’m continuing to learn a lot about life, love and giving grace to myself while also challenging myself to meet the goals I’ve set out. It is really okay that my last post was more than 2 weeks ago.  Life goes on.

February has come to a close and we move through March ready for spring.  I heard some birds chirping this morning as I was getting ready for work in our upstairs bathroom.  I had to physically stop to figure out what it was–living in an old house, there are a million noises that I have to decipher on an almost daily basis.  Nope–it wasn’t the bacon sizzling downstairs, it was a bird chirping.  Made my morning.

So yes, there may be a tiny bit of guilt for my lack of posting, but overall, the past few weeks have been great.  Chaotic, but great.  I enjoyed a night of girl time, invited great couples we love to our home for a shared meal on two separate occasions, hosted our small group, sang at church on our first weekend in our new facility, assisted in the planning and execution of a state-wide conference for my job, helped several students in need, supported my husband as he prepared for a huge lab test for school, had a successful order for my Scentsy business, had lots of fun & laughs with my husband and made some new recipes that were deemed a success.

In light of the chaos, the past few weeks have been great.  I’m sure I’m not alone (I know I’m not by reading some of my blogging friends) that life can be chaotic at times.  I think the best way in figuring out how to navigate the chaos is to always remember how thankful I am for my blessings.  A gratitude journey if you will.  So, being challenged by some friends, I’m declaring March my month of gratitude-stating 1 thing I am grateful for each day.  You can follow me on facebook or twitter to see my updates.

I invite you to join in this gratitude journey.  Your first step will be made so much brighter however, if you take an hour to listen to the iBloom 2011 Online Event.  It is an Mp3 download that you can listen to over lunch or in your car on the drive home today.  Take the time this weekend to carve out some time for yourself. You’ll be grateful you did.



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