I am grateful for…

  • Starting the work day out right with The Civil Wars followed by our reception playlist.  How could Bob Marley NOT get you in a good mood in the am’s?
  • A wonderful, low-key Valentine’s with the Beau including a home cooked steak dinner, sitting at our dining room table (we always eat at our kitchen bar table) and a nice walk to pay the electric bill after dinner (I know…you’re jealous. 🙂 )
  • Being able to go to the UK-Mississippi State Game on Tuesday.  Checking one MORE thing off that 15 before 30 list. (plus a W.)
  • A wonderful small group
  • Twitter Banter with my brother, Christian.  I somewhat now know what I missed all those years being an only child. Even if he drives me batty.
  • Wonderful coffee dates with colleagues. And having a nice local coffee shop within walking distance of work.
  • Spring days and sunshine.
  • Productivity. In the office and at home.
  • Bluegrass Quality Meats Bacon.
  • Highlander Grogg Coffee from Rembrandt’s scored on our trip to Chattanooga, TN last weekend.  LOVE this place so much. (AND another check off the list!)
  • Laughing with my husband and looking forward to quality time this weekend.
  • Getting our home ready for a few days of hospitality…so glad we have a home to be hospitable in.

What are you grateful for on this beautiful February day?


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