Since you were wondering…

Yes, I am still {proudly} one of those girls.

I will say I have a new friend though that makes this little addition to my morning commute a little better.

The Tassi.  It was apart of a Christmas gift and I thought–oh, that’s kinda cool.

If I had only known.  I was totally unaware of the amazingness this little beauty was about to add to my life.

But my favorite reason that my mother in law shared–it’s great for cooking.

Yup that’s right.  The thought of finding a hair in food I’ve prepared makes me cringe–especially as we’re living into my gift of hospitality and having folks over more often!  Just put this baby around your head and cover up your hair do (or rollered hair, or ponytail) and  you’re golden!  It’s amazing.

Glad I could help you out with that tidbit today.


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