Calm in the Chaos

So, one of my 2011 overarching goals was to find some calm in any choas that might find our way this year.  I can’t remember if it was explicitly stated, but after a crazy 201o, I was just aiming to figure out how to navigate those things that will inevitably come our way with a little more grace.

Man, 2011 knew how to bring it.

January was a bear of a month to be honest and I can’t say that those curve ball situations help you in conquering the chaos, but it was chaotic and I’m not sure how well I thrived in it…more or less survived.

I know the chaos will never end–it shall certainly continue as Lewie transitions this year into being full time student and as we know we eventually want to start a family, that (good) chaos will be never ending.

Any suggestions on how you conquer the chaos in your lives?



PS-Stay tuned for an update later this week on how I did on my goals for January amidst this chaos.  Not doing so great on yours?  Don’t be discouraged–check this out!

3 thoughts on “Calm in the Chaos

  1. Let’s face it, finding calm in the chaos is HARD! But, I also find it amazing how much God can use those seasons of chaos for growth- if we let Him! I’ve found 2 things that are key for me…1) living intentionally – meaning deciding how I want to live my life- what are my priorities or those things that I value most – and then centering my life around living into those things regardless of the season! Obviously the “living into” those priorities may look different during different seasons, but at least you’re aware of how you desire to live – rather than waking up one day and realizing you have so many regrets. 2) planning ahead & working the plan – obviously we can’t plan for every twist and turn of life, but we can be intentional about doing what we can do today and not procrastinating.

  2. I’m right there with you Faith! I feel like every month I think…”if I can just make it through this month, then we can finally settle down and get some kind of routine and order established.” But life never settles down for us.

    Something I am working on now is learning to say “NO” to things that I simply do not have time for and trying to make sure all of my decisions reflect my priorities. Slow and simple living is my goal, and finding contentment in the small things is my daily intention.

  3. @Kelly-great thoughts–I’m working hard on doing those two things, but it isn’t easy!
    @Amanda-I really needed this reminder. I have been struggling with having a gift of hospitality and figuring out how to use that “in moderation” as to not let life get chaotic. I need to be better at saying “no” or not inviting things in my life that end up being stressful. I read this great article today that really spoke to me about making sure that I am pursuing God and what HE wants me to spend my time on, not what I want to spend time on…

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