That’s right!  It’s time for a before and after!  The housewarming is finished, January is over (shew!) and work has been busy.  Here are some pics I promised to some faithful friends!

We are by no means finished, but MUCH closer and our house now feels like a home.  Nothing like it!

Come on in!

Entryway before

Entryway during

Entryway after

Dining Room before

Dining Room during

Dining Room after

Living Room before

Living Room during

Living Room after

Kitchen before

Kitchen during (enough work for 2 pics…)

Kitchen after

Master Bedroom before

Master Bedroom during

Master Bedroom after

Hope you’ve enjoyed!  Stay tuned as now there will be more play-by-play action on the updates since we have a most of the MAJOR projects checked off the list!  Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Ta-Ha!!!!

  1. You all have done a fantastic job……I cannot believe the difference. Keep up the great work. When you get finished you can come do my house.

  2. Wow Faith! You guys have done an incredible job creating a warm and cozy home. I’m so excited for you- and motivated to finish mine. 🙂

    • Thanks Fred! There is still a lot to do (isn’t there always?), but we are so thankful to have come this far in the time we have. Most of what was done wasn’t cosmetic, so you don’t see the new copper pipes, drains, new HVAC system and repaired roof that took up a lot of the time….

  3. These pictures don’t really do it justice! The transformation is phenomenal and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you and Lew! Definitely agree with Fred – it’s so warm and cozy! LOVE YOU!

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