Keep it up…

It’s the end of the first week of January.  That time when most folks tend to be completely still on the “how in the heck did I eat so many sweets over the holidays” phase and committed to their New Years Resolutions.  Gym memberships are up, deals and coupons for healthy eating abound and the candy dish is still full when you have folks over to visit.  It’s a new year.  New you.

Or possibly in the complete other boat altogether.  You’ve not done so well on the resolution/goal front and you’re throwing in the towel.  Calling it quits. Whether they be health related or not, one week was able to determine your ability to succeed or fail.  Seriously?

But seriously, that’s how we approach these resolutions or goals it seems.  If we cannot do them to 100% of our ability, 100% of the time, why bother? I’ve read several articles and heard folks more this year say that resolution setting just sets us up for failure and ends up doing more damage than good.  So why bother (and why am I posting this after just having posted my 2011 goals)?

Now the last time I checked, I am human and so are you.  OOOOowwwwww!!!  I pinched myself and it hurt.  Yup.  I’m human alright.  (Have no fear, last I heard, I can’t jump through my computer screen to pinch you to ensure you are.) We are not perfect.  So I’m not sure what makes us think that the striking of the midnight clock from one year to another is going to give us super-human powers against those Oreo Blizzards.  Or getting to work on time.  Or blogging daily.

So, not that I’m of any importance, but as much as I think goal-setting is important, I also think grace-giving is as important.  I’m giving you permission to give yourself a break.  Don’t beat yourself up all the time.  It’s all about balance (seems to be the key in  much of life, I find). So just to let you know although my goals were more broad this year, I did have a few specific personal ones as well as my three monthly goals for January.

-Be at work by 8am each day (I tend to get in between 8:15-8:20)

-Have my quiet time each morning

-Read something daily (goal of reading 12 books this year)

-Run 2 Times a week

-Write three letters to people I cherish

-Re-incorporate my weekly planning time

So out of these 6 goals (some personal, some monthly); I’m 3 for 6.  Not too great, you say. I say not too shabby.

Not too shabby because I’m trying. Having my quiet time 4 out of 5 days is better than none. Getting up early each day even though I didn’t go run, is better than lying in bed.  Missing out on reading because you were hosting a group of friends over one night is not a bad thing.

I’m not beating myself up.  And neither should you.  What should you do?  Strive to be better.  Better tomorrow than you were today.  Better in the next moment than you are in this one.  And that starts by giving yourself the grace you need to make it through those moments.

I think in my goal of being better-I didn’t pretty darn good for week 1.

Bring it week 2.


One thought on “Keep it up…

  1. good reminder. today i didn’t get up before the kiddos b/c of the snow and knowing that jesse would be staying home. i did get my quiet time in later… and even if not, i have to remind myself that our God is bigger than some guy up there marking things off our “to do” as we often do… i love you. thanks for the reminder. hoping to see you in this new year 🙂

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