25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 10

Anticipation Day 10:: Contentment

**Yes, I realize I had an absence of posts…been a crazy week**

Contentment.  A word that may make folks uncomfortable, but is something we all need more of.  Being okay with what is.  Being okay that we live in the house with do, have the job we have, the family we have.  Now, this doesn’t mean complacency.  But I believe that as followers of The Light, we are to strive toward living in a way that sees where we are and being okay with that.  Even if that means eating off of plastic dishware or sitting in camping chairs for a few months.

Cracraft Home Circa August 2010

It makes the moment you get furniture so much sweeter.

Pre-Painted Living Room

This is easier said than done at times, but something we’ve been learning a lot about in the home renovation project. Anticipating contentment.


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