25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 2

Anticipation Day 2:: Warmth

Fall Fireplace

There is nothing like warmth. Walking into a warm house on a snowy, blistery day.  Getting into a warm car after a day of errand running and cold toes.  Curling up next to a crackling fireplace with your favorite three B’s: hot beverage, blanket and book.  Warmth.  Not only is it consoling and comforting, but life giving in the right amounts.  Not many folks are trying to garden this time of year without the warmth of a greenhouse.

I want to cultivate more warmth in my life–be a warmer face hurting students see around campus; a warm voice on the phone to sweet Mama on our daily phone chats and warmer to my husband in the midst of a tiff when I just need to be okay with “yes” and that’s it. I anticipate warmth.



3 thoughts on “25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 2

  1. You always warm my heart when you call. I love our afternoon chats. I look forward to them. My world would not be complete without our phone chats each day. Thanks sweetie!
    Love you, bunches & bunches!!!

  2. I love this post! So beautifully written and capturing the very essence of warmth. I also would like to cultivate more warmth in my life. Thank you for the encouragement to be more intentional in this area.


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