1 down….14 to go.

Last week, I posted my 15 before 30 list after spending about 2 months working on it.  I’ve got 15 things I wanted to do before turning 30 in 6 months.

I thought I’d knock one off last week as my friend Blair was coming over to help build a compost box, but alas, the big-box store in my town was out of Rubbermaid totes.  Or at least ones that weren’t completely smashed in the bottom, not suitable for vermiposting.

But nonetheless, one of those 15 did get knocked off last week and it was one I honestly had the most doubts about completing.  I’ll let the Beau share in his own words as he posted this comment on the Whole30 site earlier today:

The wife and I finished our first Whole30 last month. Noticed we were having a few too many ‘choice’ meals this month and have decided to go strict once again. Our rules are a bit different as a couple-few times a week, we have weekly engagements with family or friends that require us to eat what is provided. As good manners, we always eat what is provided from those who serve but are selective as to what foods we ingest and those we shun. Last weekend and once last week we had what I would consider scary meals in that, they definitely weren’t Whole and most certainly not down the route we want to take. So I called an audible two days ago and we are going back to strict eating because 1) it is REALLY simple and 2) we NEED this.

For the first time in several years, after many lies to ourselves and others, we are trekking through life with full control of ourselves at a dining room table. It feels amazing as we’ve both been overweight for far too long and faced with incredibly high blood pressure we knew action was needed immediately. I had stalked the Whole30 site but was afraid to take that plunge, afraid of how hard it would be. Come to find out, after the first two weeks were over, it was the easiest thing on the planet — I have a friend who is paralyzed and my wife’s mother has ailments beyond measure, I look to these as example of ‘hard’, eating a ton of meat, veggies and eggs is by no means hard. We haven’t measured a single meal, there is no discussion of how many calories each of us had that day — the more the better I figure. We eat protein and good fats like they are going out of style and just since the beginning of October, we’ve both seen amazing results. My wife had a goal of being in a size 16 dress before a friend’s wedding in March, long story short, the wedding got moved to December due to family illnesses. My wife kept a positive attitude but I could tell she was fretting over not meeting the size 16 goal — last weekend she bought two new dresses in size 16 (down 2 sizes! in over a month) and still has several weeks to go, I let her know I’d be more than happy to buy her new dresses in an even smaller size! I am super proud of her as well as myself.

This plan isn’t hard, there is nothing hard or impossible or even difficult about it. Put down the crackers, put down the soda, skip the alcohol and just get control of your present self, your future self will thank you. I’m definitely looking forward to buying new clothes come the beginning of the year — just this morning I slipped on my ‘tight’ jeans, the ones usually reserved for the very bottom of the clean clothes pile and had oodles of room. Skipping potato chips and cookies isn’t hard, neither is learning your blood pressure went from 156/96 to 120/74 in a matter of weeks and buying new clothes because you are losing fat is definitely not hard.

4 thoughts on “1 down….14 to go.

  1. I am so proud of both of you! I can’t wait to see you guys Thanksgiving weekend! I am expecting you to get me on the right path also, ok? Love & hugs to both of you! ……..Mom

  2. This is truly amazing guys! I’m so happy for your health and it warms my heart that you two have embarked on this path together and have seen results.

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