October. Our Redemption Month.

It’s almost the end of October.

My favorite month.  The month I married my best friend (2009) and the month I hit the reset button on my life (2010). Our Redemption Month.

I haven’t posted much during this month which was something I had hoped to do, however, I”m living a life free of guilt, so I’m moving on.  🙂

However, I had to share something with you.

I am different.

My blood pressure is down.  Like WAAAAY down.

My allergies are better.

I am getting more restful sleep.

So is my husband.

So much so, I no longer need earplugs to avoid the snores baby bear was producing.

I feel better.

Much better.

Life is good.  Life is short. I want to make the most of it for myself, my family, my kiddos (one day) and for those who can’t do for themselves what I take for granted on a daily basis.

Find out more about the details what exactly we’ve been doing here.  The Beau tends to share things in quite an eloquent manner when I’m floundering for the right words, so I’ll let him do the talking this time.

“Be a tremendous machine who
others look to in appreciation for
good deeds and energy, but go at
each day so that on your deathbed
you’ll thank yourself for a life well
lived.” — L. Cracraft



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