Simplify @ The Bennetts


With our new lifestyle, one thing I am trying to do is simplify.  Simplify how I spend my time, be aware of how much I multi-task, get my inbox down to a managable level (both at work and personally) simplify my meals and focus on what is important.

I’ve been challenged this week with the the frailty of life.  We had a student at the college where I work who graduated this past May pass away.  Her graduation was a feat in and of itself as she suffered with Muscular Dystrophy since age 4,  carried a full load and never had to drop a class. Life is short.  I need to de-clutter and focus on the people that make life worth living.  Not stare into my blackberry,  twittering around facebook while I have the company of my husband or mom or a dear friend near.

Driving to work this am, I was stopped at a light and just happen to look over at the car next to me.  There was a mother and her teenage son in the midst of a huge argument.  It was quite obvious due to their expressions, demonstrative yelling that was taking place and tears.  It broke my heart.  I have no idea what the argument was about or how serious it was, but I said a prayer for them as the light turned green and they flew by me escaping the reality of how their argument had affected me back at that stoplight.

Life is short friends.  I’ve been reminded all too frequently as of late.  I love my life.  I love my family and friends.  I want to spend every day drinking them up; rolling around in laughter held around patios, bonfires, car rides and whispers at church.  I want to drive through the bluegrass looking at horses and fall leaves having meaningful conversations.  I want to spend every moment this weekend as we travel to VA with my mom and grandparents who both are in ailing heath.

I want to live.  SIMPLY.


PS–This pic is from our friends house The Bennetts.  I have something similar, but it’s in some box packed away still.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Simplifying.

  1. Oh, yay! Glad our sign was able to make it to your blog! : )

    Totally agree that it’s time to just simplify in life. I’ve been having to step back and rewind in my own life. Love that you’re back to blogging when you get the chance. I miss blogging, but have had to SIMPLIFY a bit and that’s one of the things that’s been put on the back burner for the time being.

    Love you, Faith!

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