Getting back in the swing…

When you’ve been out of practice for something for a while and try to get back in the swing of things, some times, it can be difficult.

Last year, the beau and I bought Cruisers–bikes we could ride around our neighborhood in.  It was tough getting back on, but I did it.  With the crazy summer and our move, they  haven’t gotten as much action as I’d like so I’m sure getting back on might be a bit tricky, but it’ll work out in the end.

October 1st of this year started an exciting month for us. We’ve hit the reset button.  We’ve gone on quite a food revolution (see previous post).  Not only has our reset affected food, but life in a sense.  We’ve been getting more sleep, watching less TV, talking more, taking drives to look at the changing leaves on the tress, cooking together, working on our house, laughing lots and enjoying life.  I don’t share all these things to pat ourselves on the back–it’s been 13 days.  I share all these things as a testimony.  I have never felt better.  Physically.  Emotionally and relationally I am doing great–with the Beau, Mom, etc.  I can’t recall sleeping better.  I am very thankful.

In “getting back in the swing” in various aspects of my life, getting back on the blogging swing is another aspiration of mine.  I had hoped October 1st would be a renewal and reset for this forum as well, but it seems the day has come and gone, 13 to be exact, with only 1 post.  Well, today makes two.  We’ll see how this goes.  I want to share our journey with our readers–the updates on the house, the kitchen that is FULLY functional now, the lovely floors, the progress we’re making.

With all that said, today I want to leave you with a quote Lew shared with me right before we hit the reset button on October 1.  May it encourage you in whatever you may need to reset in your own life.

Let go of guilt, it’s okay to make the same mistakes again.
Let go of obsessions, they seldom turn out the way you planned.
Let go of hate, it’s a waste of love.
Let go of blaming others, you are responsible for your own destiny.
Let go of fantasies so reality can come true.
Let go of self pity, someone else may need you.
Let go of wanting, cherish what you have.
Let go of fear, it’s a waste of faith.
Let go of despair, change comes from acceptance and forgiveness.
Let go of the past, the future is here, right now.



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