I often said when I was single that I knew really well how to be single, but I didn’t know how to be married and that was a desire I had.  That desire to learn gave me so many great friends in graduate school that resulted in a weekly Alias night and tons of laughs and memories.  Now I get to look back as one just had her second baby back in the May and the other couple just adopted.

When I moved to Kentucky that desired continued and I found friends who became family. I had a place to stay if I needed one and (at the time) almost weekly patio nights commenced.  I learned a lot about life, love, laughs and that true friendship surpasses marital status, your past, your future and those friends can really become family.

As always, Don Miller tends to say these same things in a much more eloquent way. Enjoy his take on it.


3 thoughts on “Learning….

  1. We’re so proud of you and Lew! You guys have bought in to the full concept of marriage and done many things ALREADY to enable yourselves for a successful and giving relationship. Not just with each other, but with those around you.

    I pray that you continue down this road as it is the most sure fire way to keep your marriage healthy, supportive and resistant to all the distractions in this life that lead so many people down a road they never thought they’d travel when saying “I do.”

    We love you guys….


  2. Well said. I think I get caught up in the overall concept of being ‘married’ but forget all the little things that make up what a marriage should be. The little things are what make the difference, it isn’t necessarily a title or concept.. I have a ‘wife’ but more importantly, I have a life partner in good and bad times.

    I need to remember to focus on you and not the idea of marriage. If I can get all the little things, the marriage will take care of itself.


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