Before and After: Master Bedroom

When we started the remodeling process, my one request in knowing that remodels often take much longer than anticipated, was that there be a sanctuary.  A room in which one (I) could escape to when the chaos and dust of other rooms got too much to bear.  There isn’t any furniture (yet!) but I’d say we have some major progress on that sanctuary!


And after (with one more coat of poly to do):

These little reminders are so great when the projects (and life) seem overwhelming!

Can’t wait to update you on our move–it’s this weekend!!!  YAY!


4 thoughts on “Before and After: Master Bedroom

  1. You mean you didn’t want to leave the bright blue paint and pink/red carpet? Actually, I love what you’ve done with the room, and I hope it’s the sanctuary you’ll need as you make the transition and try to get settled.

  2. hey you! you have great taste. i should send you a picture of my living room. it is the same exact color and hardwood floors appear to be the same color as well. we also had magenta carpet (before) and did everything ourselves… it was CRAZY but well worth it in the end. we love it, you will too, very calming! looks wonderful, keep up the good work and posting of the process 🙂

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