House Renovations–Update #4/Who are we becoming?

Time was spent this weekend at the house in the 100 degree weather.

Thank the good lord for cold water bottles, electricity and fans.  Or fan.  It was so hot I’m not too sure it mattered.

I spent my day in our bedroom painting trim while the crew worked on finishing up the copper piping from the kitchen to the upstairs bathroom and then down to the basement where the water heater is and our laundry room will live.

Let’s just say, painting trim in a room with an unfinished floor is an interesting task.  There’s no sitting on cushiony carpet,  no getting on your knees to then get up and go on about your way to refill your paint cup or get more painters tape.  Nope.  None of that exists here.  It’s all about stretching out on a folded outdoor blanket, using your strength you’ve learned from your yoga classes over the past two years to help you get up off the floor, forward folds and side bends and all sorts of yogic terms came into play this weekend.

On Sunday, I could barely move.  But our trim is painted.  The back of one door painted.  All that is lacking is one more door and two windows (sanded and painted) and the painting of the walls in our bedroom will be finished.  It’s been a lengthy process as we’ve just been there during the weekends, but that should change soon as Lew’s class will be over and we’ll be itching to get things finished, to tie up at least one project, to call it a day.

All this house talk has also got me thinking about what we’ll do with our home.  We are putting a lot of time and effort into changing and transforming our home, but what will it do to change and transform us in the process?  My hope and prayer is that we will grow wiser and more open with our gift of a home.  It will teach us many lessons–I have no doubt.  We’ll continue to learn patience, fortitue, budgeting, skills & knowledge and the like.  I am excited to see what the “finished” product will look like, but also see the people we are when we’re celebrating this finished product.  To see what character traits have begun to take root, what things in our life we used to have a tight grip on that have since been loosened a little bit.  To see the joy and pride (used loosely) we’ll have once we’re standing on floors we’ve sanded, rooms we’ve painted, antique or family decor we’ve chosen with a story, a quote that symbolizes who we are as a family.  Who will we be then?

I have a feeling that as excited as I am to see the finished product, there will always be a feeling of incompleteness.  A feeling a bit how our bedroom feels with it’s painted trim, unsanded windows and closet door only with primer.  There’s progress and you can see it.  But nothing is complete.

Now, if you know me at all, you are aware that I’m a little OCD so things being unfinished drive me insane.

But that’s where I feel that our lives will end up.  That’s what God has been trying to slowly and graciously get into my head and heart over the years.  Nothing is complete.  With the house–the constant list of “honey-do’s” and projects that need to be done, as well as with our heart and where we are in our growth–it is never finished.  There will always need to be pride shot down, selfishness addressed, patience fortified.

I’m not quite sure why these three things came to the surface so quickly.

I hope that you can take some time this week to sit back and look at the areas in your life that still need addressed.  Be warned, you might be sore after it’s all said and done and those areas might not be as pretty as the freshly painted trim, but unless we press through and get them in tip-top shape, the room in our heart will just not be as pretty.  Then you’re finished.

Until you walk around the corner and take one look at that reading room. 

You’ll never finish.  And that’s the way it was intended. We do not get to finish here…



2 thoughts on “House Renovations–Update #4/Who are we becoming?

  1. Faith and Lew,

    I’m SO happy for you guys. Just read through all these blogs. Faith’s words are so awesome, describing the growth of both your relationship and that house. I can imagine the dreams you had, for yourselves and the home, when you were walking through that massive fixer upper; they must have been so exciting! I wish you guys the best of luck and I can’t WAIT to have small group in your cool new house. I can’t wait to hear the stories of your furniture and your artwork. I also can’t wait for the finished project, that still in its own way will always be incomplete. Your bedroom color is amazing and I am SO jealous you get to paint your walls!



  2. With any project, like ourselves, there are always things to improve, like you said. I truly believe if we ever get to the point where we cannot improve any longer, then our story is done.

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