Food for Thought-Taking Time

In my morning reading from The Daily Book of Positive Quotations:

“No great thing is created suddenly.”  ~Epictetus

As I put together the pieces of my life, I recognize that I cannot–and should not–hurry the important things.  I want whatever I build to be sturdy and long-lasting.

It takes time to build a relationship, a career, a house.  If we try to speed the process up, we’re likely to become frustrated.  Worse, we may build something that is less than what we had hoped for.

I think about the time and effort it is taking for our house.  Also the time and effort it takes for us to receive our weekly veggies from our CSA.  The relationships I see budding but know that it’s going to take time.  No great thing is created suddenly.

When you start eating more locally and genuinely THINK about the food you are eating, it definitely makes this thought come to mind on a regular basis.  In talking with several friends who are also participating in CSA’s it’s so interesting the conversations that transpire.

What are you doing with your cabbage?

Have you ever fixed Kohlrabi?  Have you ever even EATEN it?

Is that garlic or a small onion?

How many different ways do you think I can fix mustard greens?

Is that a small watermelon?

No–it wasn’t a small watermelon.  It was an 8-ball squash.

CSA Produce from late May

As I mentioned , with our CSA we have been getting eggs for several months prior to the rest of our veggie and meat CSA beginning.  Before we were able to pick them up along with everything else at the farmer’s market on Fridays, I enjoyed driving out to the farm every Friday afternoon after work.  The small country road was windy and sometimes gave me anxiety when the big farm trucks that had driven that road for years would come barreling by, but I did survive.  I loved developing a relationship with Jessica, our farmer, learning she was also a newlywed and she had grown up around farming and also was an alma matter of the school where I work.  Another great perk for us was the fact that not too many folks had an egg share at that time and we were blessed to get 18 eggs per week for a couple months.

We were spoiled.

We went from getting 18 eggs a week in March and April to not getting any last week.

We had this sweet little super apologetic note from Jessica letting us know that it had just been too hot, dry and humid for the chickens to lay any eggs.

If I were a chicken, I would not want to lay any eggs either.

As much as we are trying to eat more seasonally and locally, I do still frequent the local grocery for salad mix, a few extra things I might need based on my weekly meal plan and this week for eggs.

Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.

Our beautiful Triple J Eggs

The store bought eggs are fine.  They are not nearly as beautiful in color or size or shape and do not taste the same, but we are still thankful.  We are thankful for those chickens that produced these eggs and pray the folks who sell this brand and claim their “Cage Free” label truly did allow those chickens to be cage free.

Jessica said their chickens are so cage free one day she caught one up in the seat on the tractor.  That chicken had places to go and people to see.  If he would have ever arrived.

I also have said a little prayer for our Triple J chicks that they’re getting what they need to do their thang.  Not because I’m selfish and want my eggs, but because that’s what they’re meant to do and they can’t right now.  If you’ve ever been in a season in life where you have not been able to really pursue and live out your divine calling, you’ve got a little taste of how those chickens have felt this week.

So lesson for the day–things take time.  Houses take time to renovate.  Veggies take time to grow.  Egg laying chickens take time (and water and less humidity) to lay those delicious eggs.  Patience, patience, patience.



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