Community follow-up

Just read this little quote in my current read and had to share after yesterday’s post about community.

If we are honest about life in human community, we must admit that the people closest to us are not only our connection points in a support system that we depend on for our very lives.  They are that, for sure, but they are also mirrors who reflect the hidden shadows of our souls.  ~Wisdom of Stability p. 94

I hope that there are folks in your life–some community in your day to day–that will help you see those hidden shadows.  It is in those times of discovery, we are continually shaped into the men and women Christ longs for us to become.  Thanks to not only my small group, but the other folks and mentors who have allowed me to look back at my reflection, see those shadows and have the courage to change.


2 thoughts on “Community follow-up

  1. Faith,
    Glad you left a link to your blog. I’ll try to visit often!

    We recently bought this Wilson-Hartgrove book, and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I wish there weren’t already so many other books half-read on my nightstand.

    As you can imagine from the theme of Texas Schmexas, community and stability are two of my… well… axes to grind. 🙂 Happy reading!


    • Elizabeth,

      Thanks for stopping by! I as well had many other books on my nightstand that were fighting for first place, but Cynthia suggested this book for us to read through and discuss based on the similar, yet different seasons of life we are finding ourselves in. It has most definitely been worth the move up to place #1 especially with the home renovations and us finding ourselves moving to a new community (Paris). Lots of food for thought especially in regards to stable foundations aka: stability.

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