House Renovations–Update #3

Shew….what a weekend it has been in the way of home renovations!  We are continuing to live by the mantra, “patience, patience, patience” and learning a lot about each other and ourselves in the process.  A little run-down of the most recently reno happenings:

We finally have electric and water!  YAY!  You have no idea how much nicer it is to work with a fan and an iPod!

We got a dumpster to remove all our old carpet, wallpaper, dead trees and poison ivy, etc, etc, etc.  Quite an upgrade to the interior of the dining room, ya think?

Lew and crew (could change from day-to-day, but the members are dad, uncle Ron and friend Anthony) worked on putting new copper piping in the kitchen and running it to the upstairs bathroom.  After a LONG day of work Saturday, they’re about 40 % finished with that project.  I asked if they were 75% finished and got the death stare, so I’m assuming 40 % is about right.

I spent Saturday at the apartment and our garage is organized and ready for the recycling to leave and to be filled with moving boxes! Also, the garage AND guest room closet (and the boxes and bins therein) have also been emptied, gone through and old papers, and belongings that we no longer need have found their way in the yard sale pile or the recycle pile.  Shew….glad that’s over.

Lew and I painted our bedroom on Sunday. I will have a place of respite once we move in, doggone it!   🙂

In addition to painting our bedroom on Sunday, Lew finished tearing down the old ceiling in the kitchen.  On Saturday while working on the pipes, they ended up tearing out some of it for ease, but not all of it. After a phone call from the crew, Sunday finished the job so all those little old pieces of wood could find their home in our dumpster.

So, needless to say we did a LOT of work, but as you can see, we still have a LOT of work in front of us to go.  It’s quite daunting at times, but I’m glad i have the best teammate ever to do this with.

If you think of it, just say a little prayer for us these next few weeks.  Our move date is scheduled for Aug 14th and we’ll have to be out of our apartment by the end of August.  We’ll have a few weeks cushion, but just a lot to do in the next six weeks before we actually start living there.  We aren’t expecting things to be perfect–heck, most stuff won’t even be finished!  But we could use your good thoughts and prayers for favor as we work through the next few projects on the list that must be done before we can move in.

Have a great Monday!


4 thoughts on “House Renovations–Update #3

  1. Wow! What an awesome weekend of progress! So proud of you two and glad to be able to follow along here! Keep the updates and pics rolling!

  2. Faith- I was just in Paris this weekend and thinking what a picturesque and lovely place it would be to make a home. I am so glad you all are doing this and very impressed w/ your work!! Just remember…whatever you spend on renos you will save on marriage counseling later b/c if you can learn to work together on something like this and enjoy it, you will have really, really gotten to know each other and how to work together at a new level. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you this week.

  3. I think you both deserve a hand of applause for all the work you are doing. When you are young, a person can do lots of things that an older person could never do! Believe it or not, I remember how I used to do so much at one time, and now, I can’t even imagine taking on a project like you both have done. I agree with Cynthia, you won’t need marriage counseling! 😉 You will be so proud to say you did this together. It says a lot about both of you!
    Personally, I am so, so proud of you both!!!
    Can’t wait to hear what you do next on the house..

  4. Looks like you guys have your work cut out for you.. LOL.. If you need any help be sure to let me know.. I’m free on Saturdays and Sundays, and I’m willing to work for Beer and a ride.. LOL.. Just kidding, but it wouldn’t hurt of course.. 🙂

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