DIY-The Rooted in Love Project

No house update this week–things are basically the same.  BUT we will have electricity as of today so look out…hopefully we’ll be able to get a LOT more done in the next few weeks.

I have always been deemed pretty crafty.  I get it honest from a Mom who used to sew, cross stitch, make pillows, you name it.  Those small things turned into cross-stitched Christmas ornaments and a cross-stitched copy of one of my high school senior pictures.

I love my Mama, but this one just kinda freaks me out to look at.

So, I never learned to sew and cross stitching just wasn’t really my thing. But I have loved to let those creative juices flow in other ways.

Some days in comes out in decorating.  Some days in a painted canvas.  Some days in other DIY projects.  There’s something about something handmade that is so heartfelt and personal.  In thinking through items we want to grace our home, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at the Ikea catalog.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Love me some Ikea.  However, I think I’d rather be able to tell a story with a piece of furniture.  One day I want to tell our kids “That tractor seat came from your Papaw. I know you think it’s odd we have a tractor seat on a milk barrel, but you’ll appreciate it one day.”  So we’ll still shop Ikea for rugs or home accessories and when we’re in need of a cheap patio table, but for the most part and for bigger pieces, we’re relying on family pieces and yard sales.

It’s the same with artwork.  I’d rather put my own creativity into a project that hangs on our walls or have some of the incredibily talented artists that I know do so and tell a story with it.

Enter the Rooted in Love Project.

One of our students was raising money for a missions trip and making all kinds of her OWN creative projects to sell to raise money.  Headbands, paintings, you name it.

I fell in love with this one.

And I had already fallen in love with this material from Ikea.

Having a few canvases I didn’t want to paint over but knew they were wasting away in their current state, I wanted to staple this material over those canvases and have a great little tree theme going on.  How cute would all those little trees have been.

Good thing I google image searched the material just to see how big those trees were.  Yeah–MUCH bigger than my imagination.

So here’s what we came up with!

I haven’t decided where exactly they’ll grace our new home, but we are going with a basic theme of greens, blues and greys for wall color, so I have no doubt they’ll find a home pretty soon.


4 thoughts on “DIY-The Rooted in Love Project

  1. Love this theme! It scremes Faithie Nic (and Fewie too!)! 🙂

    And my favorite part, “That tractor seat came from your Papaw. I know you think it’s odd we have a tractor seat on a milk barrel, but you’ll appreciate it one day.”


  2. Faith, I have a tree theme going on in my life lately too. Then I started reading the Stability book and well…it is popping up everywhere. We’ll talk more in person. Love the tree material and art!

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