A piece of my heritage

Race and Reconciliation in Cedar Grove It’s interesting when you think about your family roots and how interconnected your lives are with family even with time and years and miles separating you.  When I look at my extended family I see loving grandparents who both served several years behind the pulpit as pastors, a grandmother who raised eight children and also was a school teacher.  My grandfather was in the Army and is a Pearl Harbor Survivor as well as Korean War survivor.  If you look at their kids (my aunts and uncles), almost all are in some sort of helping profession–teachers, ministers, social workers, therapists, doctors.
My aunt Grace is a United Methodist Pastor in North Carolina who recent accepted a new ministerial position.   This article highlights the past several years she spent in Cedar Grove, NC. I was fortunate enough to spend some extended time this past March with Grace and see first hand the work she does in Cedar Grove.  After several visits to Anathoth, I’m confident her vision will live on in big ways for many years.
The article is found here but I would highly encourage you to download and listen as it is quite lengthy, but also you will hear the compassion and heartfelt compassion my  aunt has.

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