The new deal

So here’s my update from last week. You know the one–where I vowed to all of you faithful readers that I would work out and “just do something”. Well, here’s how it all went down on our long holiday weekend.

  • Friday-didn’t do much at the house-Lew and his dad were working on a lovely project to help us get our electric turned on. I held a flashlight and opened doors while they carried things in and out.
  • Saturday-we decided to take a day off from working on the holiday and rest. Since we didn’t get our electric turned on, there isn’t much more that we can do.
  • Sunday-church and rest day. AND the 4th of July where we had some delicious kebabs and corn on the cob. Mmmm..
  • Monday-Worked on the house in the HOT weather for several hours. Poured sweat.

Do you see how many times we went on a walk or rode our bikes?  Astonishing that we were able to fit in all that exercise in addition to the movie watching and few hours spent working on the house!  We also had our last Ice Cream outing of the summer on July 5th.  On our way to Dairy Queen we decided we would go a month without ice cream.  We need a break.

Of course, we still went on our merry little way and got our Blizzards.

It’s been a frustrating journey to say the least and I feel like lately it hasn’t been two steps forward one step back–it’s just been multiple steps backwards.

The beau and I had a heart-to-heart the other night about our progress, or lack thereof and what we’re going to do about it.  Our biggest issue is portion control.  I’ve just tricked myself into believing that I can eat as much as I want since I’m eating much healthier and it’ll be okay.

We like the idea of the stickers and having a goal.  So here it is.  And I REALLY hope that I’ll do better with this accountability thing.  You’d think that putting it out there for you all to see would motivate me.

I really sincerely need motivation.  Will you help me?

So here’s our plan. Starting this upcoming week (July 12) we are going to sticker up our calendar at home.

1 Sticker=30 minutes of TRUE exercise (no more counting house work as exercise).

If we both acquire 12 stickers by July 31st (basically 4 per week), then we will treat ourselves to a nice meal out with all the fixings–apps, nice main course, dessert, drinks, etc.  We are super motivated as that’s Lew’s birthday weekend and we already have a weekend getaway to celebrate (that and the end of his class).  In the meantime, it’s cutting portions, no desserts (other than fresh fruit), eating VERY healthfully and watching those portions.

Did I already say that?  My bad.  I guess we just needed the extra reminder.

Once we hit August we’ll target 16 stickers a month and see how that goes for a while.  If we can do that for a few months successfully, maybe we’ll move up to 20 a month.

I’d love to have some of you join us in this journey–maybe the stickers will keep us all motivated together.  We’ll compare our cute calendars and stickers we’ve found.

Okay.  It’s late and I’m delirious.  G’night folks.



One thought on “The new deal

  1. That’s actually a GREAT idea. My biggest problem is setting goals with the best of intentions and finding myself a month down the road with no real change. Tracking it regularly with stickers is awesome – thanks!

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