On the nightstand…

I am so thrilled to share with you the new read  that has come my way.  I’ve heard much of this author and after a conversation with a dear friend and mentor, his new book came into play in our conversation.

The Wisdom of Stability–Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove ties in directly with my discussion from last week about the challenge I’ve found in the balancing act on those social networking sites and my personal relationships with others.  Wilson-Hartgrove tackles this idea in a way that is definitely appealing to me in the present moment: An old house.

Now just being the forward, introduction and one chapter in, I can only share so much about my readings so far, but the first chapter entitled “Foundation Work” really hit home in his discussion of taking care of the foundation when renovating a house–you don’t just slap a bunch of paint on and hope that the cracks don’t resurface.  Even if you take your time in patching those cracks they will return.  What helps a foundation not have those cracks?  A stable foundation.  No shifting soil or weather to make things get shaky.

Stability demands that we do the long, hard work of life with other people in the place where we are. p. 21

Is that always easy? Heck no! We are most often apt to put self first and figure out what is most comfortable for us and our family.  Moving up and out is a tendency the author ascribes to some of downfall of our communities.  We teach our brightest kiddos to “go out and make something of yourself” leaving the community they were rooted in behind to crumble (in some instances).  I was given that same advice and honestly, it’s not easy going home because it’s hard, it’s different than what I’m accustomed to and it’s uncomfortable.

So, where are you friend in this journey of community and stability?  I’d love to hear some of what makes you tick when it comes to community and remaining “stable”.  Did you pack your bags and get out of dodge from your hometown ASAP?  How is the foundation of your community these days?  Need some patchwork?  The thought of taking the time to do so daunting for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this journey.


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