House Renovations-Update #2

You’ll have to forgive me for the slight delay in posts this week–we took a blogging break as well as the rest of the country to celebrate our Independence.  Did we do anything special for the lovely holiday?  Not particularly, unless you count chilling out with a little less work on our house and watching a few movies.  Oh, and there were those yummy kebabs we grilled alongside grilled corn on the cob for lunch Sunday.  Or was it dinner?  Or maybe both?

My lips are sealed.  I am NOT telling.

So back to the little less work on our house–even though it was LESS work, there was still work.  We are moving into the stage where there is just only so much that can be done without electricity. We DO have a new electric box –oh the things that light your fire AKA turn your light bulbs on —  but are still waiting for an approved inspection.  Just a few little bumps in the road, but we’re reminding ourselves of the wisdom Lew’s dad shared:

“Working on an old house like this together builds plenty of patience, character, knowledge, patience, persistence, fortitude and patience. “


So what have we done so far?

We’ve weed-eated (-ated?) and mowed the field that now is a lovely little (or not so little–it’s a good size) backyard, torn down a bunch of brush, trees and bushes; learned how to properly identify poison ivy, learned how to semi-treat poison ivy; learned about the lovely Asian tiger mosquito and that I have skeeter syndrome.

We’ve removed all the carpet in the house and have it stored in the mudroom/downstairs bath area and dining room, removed wallpaper, wallpaper and more wallpaper, taken nails out of the now naked stairs (naked as in there is no longer carpet–get your head out of the gutter), gotten a new electric box, decided to bead-board the kitchen after that last layer of paper just wouldn’t come down, taken down lovely border in the entry room, removed vinyl flooring from the entry room and pantry, looked at the piping and the next big project, sanding all the floors.

It doesn’t seem like a lot after writing it all out, but considering we’ve done all that with no electric or water–I think we’ve done a great job!

What’s next?  STAY TUNED! 🙂

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