Tag! You’re it!

My Forever Friend

My friend Jen from college gave me quite the compliment today by giving me some link love on her blog.  Then she tagged me in this photo game.  Basically, you go to the 8th folder where you store your photos, select the 8th photo, post it to your blog and tell the story, then tag 8 other people to do the same!

My photo was from last August during my super fun Kentucky Wedding Shower/Bachelorette Party weekend.  My girls Kelly and Cher threw me a great party and my dear friend Tammy came up from Cleveland (with Leia who was able to tag along) for such a fun weekend.  Tammy had gotten married the fall before in Gulf Shores so it was so great to be able to celebrate so many similar things in life around the same time.  We met my freshman year of college when she was my supervisor in the School of Music.  We stayed close, working in the office, SMDAC and MAD Camps, and the friendship transitioned when she came back to work for Residential Life at Lee during the time I was an RD there.  We are more like sisters than anything and I am SO thankful for her friendship and support in my life!

Love you Tammy!

And since I don’t really have 8 bloggers I know in REAL life who might participate, I’m tagging those who I think might.  🙂 Enjoy gals!

Maria @Ria’s Rhetoric

Melissa @Newlyweds with a Story

Amanda @ Naturally Chic Mama

Stephanie @Macaroni and Cheesecake

Vivian @ the Planted



3 thoughts on “Tag! You’re it!

  1. Hi! What a sweet story of friendship. I found your blog through Jen’s link love today. I’m already enjoying reading your posts and looking forward to more in the future. Have a wonderful weekend!

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