Oh, what a beautiful morning….

I used to LOVE hearing this as the theme song on the Early Morning Show growing up.  There was nothing like it!  Then I found out it was originally from the musical Oklahoma!

Yes, I know it’s ridiculous my first awareness of this song was from an early morning show instead of the original Broadway show.  Rogers & Hammerstein would roll over in their grave.

And secondly, how did I ever grow up watching the EMS vs. The Today Show.  I feel I cheated my poor Katie Couric.  (still love her, even with her short hair).

Okay, moving on. This morning on my Friday AM  run to the farmers market I picked up some of the most beautiful produce!  Corn, squash, zucchini, garlic, cucs, some cherry tomatoes and basil, some peaches and of course our beautiful eggs and local meat. What a great way to start the Friday (and LONG weekend!)  To top that off, Very Superstitious by my boy Stevie Wonder came on the radio as I was driving to work!  SCORE!

So, yes I’ve been talking about food and musicals, but this post is really about movement

I just had to get all that off my mind first.  Don’t judge.

Even though we are trying our best to keep moving in light of our current crazy-ness, it’s still a little discouraging for me.  I did get some great advice last week however:

  1. Just MOVE–don’t get caught up in the “quantity” but the “habit.”  Focus on the fact that you did move.
  2. When you DO move–record it.  My friend used little stickers on a calendar, but record it in whatever works for you.

Last week I worked out 4 times, this week only 2 (so far–hoping for 4 by Saturday).  I’m counting days we are working on the house too since it’s a lot of sweat and arm work (anyone torn down wallpaper before?) and I’m not picky on what the activity is.  Yoga.  Check.  Cardio Scuplt. Check.  Walking downtown to a restaurant.  Check.  Lifting weights while watching “Losing it with Jillian” Check.

So to get to my 4 this week–I’m putting it out there for you as my accountability–we are working on the house today and Saturday, but I’m also going to walk and bike ride.  Sunday will start out the new week and with the holiday on Monday, we’ll find ourselves house working a lot.

I promise I’ll report the progress regardless of the outcome.  And I’ll tell the truth.  I promise.

So just in case you some additional motivation to get up and move yourself this weekend, how many of you knew that our own Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, starred in Oklahoma!?  Just in case you need proof (and/or a little pick me up this am), here you go:

Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy some corn and let’s all MOVE!!!


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