The Crunchy Inventory…

After last week’s post, I started thinking more about things that we have been doing in our home for a while that indicate a more sustainable lifestyle (as well as increase that list of things we want to do). I wanted to elaborate and get your ideas on things that you are doing and give me some more ideas!

In addition to what we mentioned last week, we also are

  • Reducing our water usage.  Shorter showers, turning the water off when we brush our teeth, hand washing dishes instead of using the dishwasher.
  • Turning out the lights. My mom would be so proud.  She used to fuss at me so badly when I was younger for leaving lights on.  Now I’m the same way about lights!

And a few MORE things on the horizon:

  • Use a clothes line and reduce the use of the clothes dryer
  • Eat/Shop more locally when we move to Paris and walk/bike to the stores within a few blocks of our house (we will be keeping Save-A-Lot, the Dollar General and the farmers market in Paris in business!)

In my thinking, I thought about this quiz I saw over at my friend Amanda’s site.  I adapted it for us who aren’t quite yet Crunchy Mama’s, but are still Crunchy Gals.  If you want to take the crunchy Mama quiz, feel free to visit her quiz .

Give yourself 1 point for every question you can answer “yes” to:

Have you or do you…

  1. Mostly use household furniture made of natural materials (wood, cotton, wool, silk)?
  2. Limit TV to minimal use? (Extra point if you don’t have one!)
  3. Use cloth napkins?
  4. Use cloth paper towels?
  5. Sew clothing, cloth home items, etc.? (Extra point if you upcycle using old t-shirts, sheets, etc.)
  6. Always use real dishes and utensils (even on picnics)?
  7. Use reusable snack bags?
  8. Use natural cleaning and household products? (Extra point if you make your own!)
  9. Line dry your laundry as much as possible?
  10. Use wool dryer balls?
  11. Recycle/Upcycle/Reuse as much as possible?
  12. Shop used (clothing, furniture, cars, etc.) as much as possible?
  13. Make or buy handmade gifts as much as possible?
  14. Shop at a Farmer’s Market?
  15. Buy local?
  16. Avoid shopping malls, Wal-Mart, Target, and “Made in China” as much as possible?
  17. Use reusable shopping bags?
  18. Have a garden or participate in a co-op/community garden?
  19. Compost?
  20. Practice being a Vegetarian or Vegan? (Extra point of you are a Raw Foodist!)
  21. Buy local/organic beef, dairy, and eggs? (Extra point if you have your own chickens!)
  22. Try not to eat processed foods?
  23. Use natural bath, body, and/or baby products? (Extra point if you make your own!)
  24. Wear natural makeup? (Extra point if you do not wear makeup!)
  25. Leave your hair undyed or only use henna hair dye?
  26. Use herbal remedies before or instead of medications?
  27. Drive a car powered by veggie oil?
  28. Regularly use a bicycle as an alternative means of transportation?
  29. Subtract a point for every bottle of water you have drank in the past 24 hours!
  30. Subtract 5 points if you are drinking one while you take this quiz!!!

Now add up your points…

  • If you have less than 5 points, you are as creamy as the instant mashed potatoes you bought at Wal-Mart!
  • If you have 6-12 points, you are like a loaf of homemade whole grain bread, soft with a sorta crunchy crust.
  • If you have 13-21 points, you are as crunchy as raw organic broccoli.
  • If you have more than 22 points, congratulations, you are as crunchy as homemade, organic granola!!!!!

I scored a 20! Better than I thought I would. I will have to take this quiz again a year from now to see if I’m any “crunchier”! How did you score?

Hats off to all you crunchy gals out there!



2 thoughts on “The Crunchy Inventory…

  1. I only scored a 12 😦 I gave myself 2 points on 21 because we raise our own beef and pork. I’ve been thinking about getting a clothes line for our backyard. My mom always had one and I love the way clothes smell on the line.

    • Wow! That’s awesome your family does their own beef and pork! There are so many “new” varieties of clotheslines…I’m excited to get one installed in our house–hopefully before fall!

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